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  1. I grew up holidaying at the family bach at Te Tora, a group of batches on the Waiuku inlet across the water from glenbrook. We had instilled a healthy respect for the harbour. strong tides, strong winds don't mix well with shallow water, moving channels, sandbanks and mud
  2. Thats the date that the credit company sets. The alternative is to refund each entry individually in which case the club loses $1000+ in credit card commission on top of the thousands the club is going to haemorrhage over this. And I have to spend hours setting up internet banking payments for over 100 boats.
  3. Well my mate is out on his very large Maritimo at the moment. Last night meant to be 15 knots at Rotoroa. Woke in the night to a severe lashing. Got up to look around and smaller traditional launch had dragged onto him. Very close situation. Took him ages to rouse the skipper using horns, yells and finally a rope with a weight on it tossed at the boat. They got it sorted and the launched reanchored directly in front. My mate spent rest of the night on watch things do happen at sea and often unrelated people are forced into an area of closeness. not condoning these rules. They and man
  4. Personally Teddy Bear was his best to me which spawned Mr.R, Spitfire, Brunesschi and a few others but Teddy Bear had the cool almost vertical bow and big rig And throw Fantail into the mix as it was a very pretty boat and unfairly judged against the Ross930's and 88's
  5. Yeah but the fizz-nasties aren't so diligent My boat has the water intake in the stern-leg. I asked the dealer about a seacock and he looked at me funny.
  6. They've upped the game in Whitianga Waterways and banned boat lifters/bags as they can't clean them. A few of the residents not too happy. A neighbour of a mate of mine has moved his boat to Tairua Marina as they allow them there. He doesn't want to risk fan worm intrusion into his water intakes I guess never mind that his cradle made it worse for all his neighbours
  7. Almost bought Mr Roosevelt 27 years ago (contract signed and accepted) Still one of the prettiest boats out there along with Riada2
  8. Unless you live outside Auckland I've also had to cancel plans for the Whangarei regatta that same weekend
  9. It's been on Trade-me a while https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/listing/3214717757?bof=tubQkDQ2
  10. It escaped - gave it a good disinfectant of sea air.
  11. Went sailing, won race, after-bbq and beers at the club in the sun
  12. Who's going to tell Jacinda her team of 5 million has shrunk by over three quarters
  13. Im okay with it especially in the inshore areas of Opito/Otama/GMI but then I don't dive for scallops. I feel for some of the commercial guys though I think all dredging should be banned either way
  14. Eastern Coromandel scallop rahui was only a few months too, now it's 2 years
  15. There's nothing in the regs exempting classic yachts from lifelines under Cat3 And 1950 is the cutoff date
  16. If you're just into cruising or not totally performance driven then think about getting slugs put on the mainsail luff. Makes life a lot easier
  17. We relaxed it to 22' specifically to allow piedys in. cat3 lifelines are the usual stumbling block to small boats
  18. Looks great, I'll be staying away from you on the start-line at Bay Week
  19. Yep, we have 2 ninebot electric scooters. 65km range and a top speed of 30k that we use most of the time we go into town, down the pub etc. Can take them on the ferry for a jaunt to cooks beach. Throw them in the boot for further afield.
  20. Shame there aren't totals on the chart but I don't think any of the renewables are significantly down. More stagnant It just looks like increased usage has come from coal and gas peoole charging their electric cars and outboards maybe
  21. I ran back to sandspit from kawau in Cyclone Henry in a 15' trailer sailer with only a reefed jib. In many ways the trailer yacht is safer than a keelboat. You don't have to get caught out. You head for safety and trail home. You have shallow draft and can tuck in close, tie to a tree if you wish.
  22. Its been trending down for 3 years
  23. According the rules, not if you arrive on a trailer bullshit I know i'm registered as a keel yacht anyway and I comply to cat4 keelboat rules
  24. The easy answer is to just do your own thing. But you can't. If your boat sits on a trailer and is not a sport boat you have no choice but to comply with the nztya rules or you can't even go and race in a mixed fleet. No other type of boat in Nz is tied to the type association in this manner. Keelboats , multihulls and sportboats, even dinghies do not write their own rules and then insist on personally inspecting every boat and rejecting those they feel don't meet their agenda
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