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  1. I don't know who is running RAYC but they are running a sports boat regatta where all the sport boats have to comply with trailer yacht safety regulations part V and have a phrf https://rayc.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Under-26ft-Keelboats-RAYC-NOR-final.pdf
  2. Other than recent events, when/why did Akarana lose their way? Their winter series used to be the biggest game in town. Was it the loss of the tower?
  3. That Doyle release was a bit cryptic
  4. Very cool boat. I sailed a squaddy weekend round the island race on it once. Early 80's
  5. Everything looks about twice what i was paying 6-8 years ago on a variety of options
  6. My solution. Towbar since fitted to camper to create a racer/cruiser
  7. Wish i could be there. Planned to be after sitting out last year. Sadly whats left of the roads between whiti and auckland just don't allow it. See you next year
  8. Yeah but if you round the ODM you still have to make your way back across the fleet to get to the marina entry. Crossing the line, making your way towards the breakwater and back alongside it probably causes less interference having said that, yeah i never sail back across the line
  9. 8hp is ample for the yacht and inflatable. What are you trying to do with the inflatable, water ski? But you will need longer shaft.
  10. Thought about it but need cat3 lifelines. I don't know why given the shorthaul course barely covers Triple courses ground. Happy to be clipped on. Getting motivated for the Triple Series though
  11. Live Sail Die shot of us in the Harbour Classic
  12. Was a great event. Cool party Friday night. Sprint race with a big variety of boats and an awesome run home. Fun prizegiving. piedy guys made it!
  13. Not the only Westhaven club in the crap I'd say. I suspect the ones complaining the loudest will be the ones that drink on their boats until 2 minutes before prizegiving Then again overpriced drinks and pub food at restaurant prices doesn't grab you either.
  14. I used to haul Sundreamer at Okahu Bay. The first few years when NZ Cranes were at Westhaven it would cost about $800 out and in. However when they moved to Onehunga it went up to over $3000. After I used Robertson's in Warkworth which was a pain with the travel but perfectly useable. There are probably facilities at Clevedon and other areas outside the city centre which I suspect is a big part of the angst. Aucklanders want to slot their maintenance in between the gym and their latte. That and being able to take 3 months to do a weekends work. But you know....gym and lattes...
  15. Sad to say Smithy passed away yesterday but not before marrying his sweetheart the day before. Fair winds mate, you fought a good fight :-(
  16. I assume...... the next America's cup to be sailed overseas
  17. 888 had installed 2 electric engines that couldn't push it into 25knots. Last seen without a rig
  18. We're all good along the beach. Did a few drive-bys along the waterfront till 2am and then slept like a baby till 8:30. Missed half the storm. House shaking a bit but no creaks or leaks. We hadn't had any rain at that point so todays high tide at 1:20 might be a little more interesting. Lots of erosion, water across roads and bits of trees north and south of us.
  19. Thats a close one Boo-boo, glad damage is light
  20. Friends don't let friends sail with a spinnaker pole up the mast
  21. Can YNZ process 2689 PHRF applications?
  22. In my experience. Truck to Mana, sail to Nelson but that was a lightweight 30footer
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