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  1. And now gone Looks like we have the numbers. A shame some more of the rock hoppers don't come across. Theres some boats there that would mix it up well
  2. Rego number is clearly visible. Send to harbourmaster
  3. The backup battery in my fizz boats simrad chart plotter has failed and every time I turn it on have to manually enter the depth transducer settings and approximate position, it takes 5-10 minutes to require position. If I don't enter the approximate position it takes much longer. Unit is probably 15 years old Doesn't save waypoints either. Waiting for boat-show special to replace it, sadly none of them happened last year
  4. From 2017 onward, Suzuki 6hp 4-stroke
  5. Bought a Suzuki 4 stroke 6hp (same engine) this year and it can be placed any way but on its back according to the manual. I know some of the older yammys and Honda's were on the handle side only. try downloading a manual if is older than a year or so
  6. That's shocking. A boat took out our rudder in Westhaven once
  7. Hanging around Whitianga and the Mercs. Mostly in our Tristram "Alfresco" some sailing in deep purple for bay week practice bit of flying rainy day jobs are to pull the engine out of the Morgan to replace a $200 wearable part. Very British problem. displaying our Christmas stuff till New Years then packing it up feelers And elemnope at the coroglen New Years eve merry Christmas everyone
  8. On the bright side, other boats can't protest under rule17 and I'm sure the race committee don't want to open that can of worms
  9. I saved a copy if you want it. I just spent hours over the weekend making a cat5,4,4+ checklist for our club and sent out so I'm pretty miffed if there are significant changes. I didn't put the 50% reef in as that would rule out most of the fleet and I was sure it would be amended
  10. Yeah funny that. I wonder if our comments are the cause
  11. Maybe https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/121480890/the-con-job-that-finally-won-team-new-zealand-the-americas-cup
  12. ........And it's off Along with any travel bubble for the next 6 months I suspect.
  13. Okay, a more in-depth look Race Category Three Used to say - Races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines and not rounding major capes Now says - Races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines. I think nobody could define a major cape 13.14 ADDED (M) Two manual bilge pumps either fixed or portable - Cat 3,4,5 15 (b) (e) for Cat4 all boats now have to have 50% mainsail luff reef, was recommended. Trailer Yachts - Suitable sails capable of taking th
  14. They are using the same supplied equipment as the other teams, they have had the same time, opportunity and funds. They really are mud and I suspect the embarrassment hasn't peaked
  15. Someone should set up a name and shame page with photos of the spectator boats that are delaying racing
  16. We went for a drive out to Opito last year and there must have been 50 boats, most with dredges working the scallops. I thought then that it would be the end. There's next to nothing there now
  17. OK having a quick look 15 (b) (e) for cat 4 all boats now have to have 50% mainsail luff reef, was recommended. There goes most of the fleet 16.3 Toilet or fitted bucket no longer needed for Cat3/4/5 16.18 "Yacht’s name or personal identification on lifejackets, harnesses and lifebuoys" is buried in galley rules 19 (4) (3) The lead line is back for Cat4/5!!! Trailer yacht beam now 2.95m Otherwise no changes to the control the dinosaur NZTYA has over the safety regs.
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