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  1. The required range is not unreasonable Jon. I guess it's also about thinking the long game if you get into trouble too. The shortest route may not always be the best. We had thought of motoring around East Cape and then down to Tauranga but would have to withdraw from the last leg and it was against the prevailing weather. Going back was the best option for us at that time.
  2. I took 3 tote tanks one each side and one under the cockpit floor in the locker plus a 20 litre container. The thinking behind the tote tanks was that they can be left connected so that you don't have to change a tank when it runs out. That's not always going to be possible. The trip back to Gisborne used less than 20 litres.
  3. The issue with outboards is that the lower hp ones have no drive in any sought of seaway. Getting our of Westhaven isn't like pushing tide and wind coming back through the Tiri passage. I run a 15hp Honda with an alternator and electric start which pushes the boat along just fine and weighs half what the old 10hp diesel did. The other good thing about the 15 is that I have never had to run it at max throttle so is reasonably economical. In the last RNI we had to motor from about 5 mile south of East Island back to Gisborne so you do need to motor at a reasonable clip for long periods.
  4. Likewise. have been with AON for quite a few years. Tania has been great to deal with.
  5. This is the last single handed race of the summer season starting 9.00AM this Saturday. Enter directly with the Devonport Yacht Club. Course is around Rangi, Motutapu and Motuihe to finish off Devenport.
  6. Changed


    Trying it at the present, in Westhaven, and so far after 6 months still very pleased with it's performance.
  7. Pretty close out there at the moment with good gains / losses overnight. Looks like today will see the race complete for the six front runners. I'll miss the tracker!!!
  8. Would like to have a go at this over the next month. Any tips on where to get reasonably priced carbon tube? Needs to be 3.5m long with a 5.5mm wall thickness.
  9. Changed

    Akarana 350

    Three Kings was last held in 2013. First time we had taken the CC further than Russell. Another great course. Who knows?
  10. Changed

    Akarana 350

    Coverage would likely improve if we paid for it. Clubs need volunteers to run publicity, hopefully not those who are charged with fleet safety. Of course publicity could have been better but there is always a cost! Trackers cost! Web sites cost! Updates cost! This was a great event and using facebook, the Akarana web site and crew.org I found the coverage to be really good. Kept me up. Especially the run down from the Poor Knights. Roll on 2019 I plan to be there again.
  11. Talasker clips are good and you can also buy their snag pin which releases the clip when you blow the tack line. I use that system on the masthead gennie because I use that down the wind range.
  12. Race 4 on Sunday 11 November. This is also Race 1 in the BJ Tyres Buckland's Beach Single Handed Series.Start is 10.00AM. Sailing instructions and courses are on the BBYC web site.
  13. I have a good quality Colligo top-down furler with a high spec torsion line. Works on the smaller flatter gennaker and like you say save repacking. When retrieving the gennie I get a few pulls to load the torsion line then when I blow the sheet it get a bit of a head start. Just pull like hell of the furling line and don't stop until the sail is completely furled. Two things I have discovered: 1. you have to watch is that the head patch doesn't catch on anything (mast, forestay) as this will disrupt the furl. 2. Don't have too much tension on the furler line. It makes it hard to pull. Another
  14. Did you realise it was twenty years ago (I think)that your little blue boat first did a coastal. Had a huge purple gennie. It was brand new out of the box.
  15. Thanks to Grant and the Pons and Amare Ropes and Chains Ropes and Anchors for a fantastic weekend of solo racing. Light and fickle the wind made winners of those who stuck to it. The fleet enjoyed a night of camaraderie at BBYC before racing home again on Sunday. Once again the wind was light and rewarded those with patience. Congratulations to Andy on Clandestine Jet for taking out the open division and to Bryon in the no-extras. If you want to join in the fun you can still enter the series at RYC. This years fleet has changed a little with more 35+' entered.
  16. Remember single race entries can be made through the host club. For this two race weekend you can enter through PCC or enter the series through Richmond Yacht Club.
  17. Solo Weekend 6-7th October 2018. Starting and Finishing Boat will be the PCC's Watchman. It will be a mass start for both divisions. Standard 5,4,1,0 starts will apply. Division Flag will be White (extras) & yellow (non-extras). Preparatory Flag will be U (Rule 30.3 will apply) Individual and General Recalls will be used if required. Saturday 6 Oct Start 10.00AM Course 1 - Saturday 6 Oct. Start 10.00AM Orakei. Div 1 (Extras) Course - Orakei start -Orapapa Is(S), Motuihi Is. (S) North Leading Yellow (P) to finish between Motukorea Yellow and finish boat (S) (32
  18. Fifteen series entries and two weeks to go. Going to be a great summer of solo racing.
  19. Opening race weekend will be a goody. Also series includes Mahurangi as a night race. Entries starting to trickle in. Don't leave it until the last minute or you'll miss out on a shirt.
  20. If you would like to receive regular updates please PM me your mobile number.
  21. Organisation is well underway for this years single handed series. Vinings Marine Brokers and Kiwi Yachting have both confirmed as series sponsors and the participating clubs; Richmond Yacht Club, Ponsonby Cruising Club, Devonport Yacht Club and Bucklands Beach Yacht Club, have set the dates. The opening weekend will be 6 & 7 October . There will be an open division and a no extras division. This is New Zealand's Premiere Single Handed Series and it's on our doorstep being sailed in our beautiful Hauraki Gulf.
  22. All are good extras to have but the sat phone is portable and will work in the life-raft too!! When I spoke to people in the feild the advice I received was that if you could onnly afford one option then the phone was the best.
  23. Run the RM EVO with separate ram and compass with wireless remote. No complaints. Also use an ST 2000 With a wired seatalk remote as a back up. 2RNIs and a Three Kings and still trucking. Best to keep it simple in my view so that when things don't work you at least have a chance of repairing.
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