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  1. Light hijack, but has anybody tried setting up a ‘shoot’ type of system on a decent sized keeler? When I say ‘shoot’ I mean the kind of setups used on dinghy/skiffs where there is a funnel type arrangement in the fordeck with a retrieval line running through the shoot up to the centre of the kite. You’ll know what Im talking about if you’ve used one. Ive been toying with the idea of a hoop with a long sock that could be temporarily fixed to the outside of the pulpit and run down the outside of the lifelines. Anybody given this a go?
  2. $200K, 44ft cruiser/racer on a marina. How much?
  3. Cheers for the tip HnF. I hadnt heard anything about it. My NZI policy is due for renewal in a month or two so i might pay attention to the fine print and shop around before/if I resign. Mucho gracias
  4. I found this quote in the Digest amusing.... "TYLASKA provides the discriminating sailor with the ultimate in strength, performance and durability" Now thats niche marketing.
  5. Na, its Brownie/George Looney/Criptic thin etc etc etc and another of his schizophrenic personalities talking through yet another sock-puppet. Yawn
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