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  1. Finally hit water today. /Martin
  2. All about the boat here: https://www.reflectometrist.eu/ /Martin
  3. Yes, I intend to keep you posted. Yes, short mohair roller. I was coached on the procedure by a recently retired Hempel employee who my old boat building buddy knows through his job as a marine engineer. Disclaimer: my coach admitted that he had no first-hand experience of applying Hempaspeed TF, I will try to quantify and document the 'smoothness' before launching. /Martin
  4. So I ended up doing a complete antifouling 'facelift'. It cost me a month of our sailing season plus, of course, a bunch of money. I went for Hempaspeed TF which is not silicone based so this post is off topic. Hempaspeed TF is a bit odd to apply as it is rather viscous and I found it would not flow to a smooth surface which is a bit of a dissapointment after all the work. It is glossy which is also a little odd for an antifouling in my experience. It will be interesting to see if algae and barnacles like it. /Martin PS It is my understanding that Hempaspeed TF is currently
  5. Kim Klaka used to hang out on rec.boats on Usenet. He is (used to be?) a researcher at an institute or uni in western Australia. Lars Larsson used to be a hydrodynamics professor at the university I got my degrees at (*). My brother was one of his PhD students. My brother met Kim Klaka during a trip down under in 1995. Now this pops up here. Small planet /Martin *) My boat was built in the workshop of the marine engineering department of that university. Usenet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet
  6. Real hydrodynamists in white lab coats: http://web.mit.edu/hml/ncfmf.html Boundary layers: https://techtv.mit.edu/collections/ifluids/videos/32603-fundamental-boundary-layers /Martin
  7. That was a good start of the day and week. Now I have to bicycle to work. /Martin
  8. Sea-speed and Hempel SilicOne mentioned so far. Sea-speed is not available where I live as far as I know and SilicOne seems to be fased out and replaced by Hempaspeed TF. Anyone with experience of Hempaspeed TF? It is said to be less complex to apply and hard rather than soft. /Martin
  9. Very interesting discussion. I am currently at this stage: This is just testing to see how hard it is to remove the old stuff. Sooner or later I will have to re-do the antifouling from the ground up. Probably not this time as I am running out of time and would like to do this thoroughly including some filling and long-boarding. I gather from what I read here that a silicone-based system may be a good fit for me but there is no easy going back. /Martin https://www.reflectometrist.eu/
  10. Water skis? Tonight's temperature is not typical and sea ice is melting. https://www.smhi.se/oceanografi/istjanst/produkter/sstcolor.pdf /Martin
  11. Over here daylight saving just started and the nearby airport reported -8 C tonight. But, yes, sunny and drifty. /Martin (need to wait a little before I can apply that coat of epoxy to my decks...)
  12. MartinRF

    UV Damage

    Having watched this happen to my clear coated decks my conclusion is that the UV filter is not good enough to stop the epoxy below from breaking down. It only slows it down and eventually the bond between epoxy and clear coat gives up. The clear coat flakes off. Wait long enough and the wood below the epoxy laminate is affected enough for that bond to break. This never happens where I have paint on top of the epoxy. Wood-epoxy cat. 35 years in Sweden so less UV than you have. https://www.reflectometrist.eu/ I am re-doing the clear coat on the decks this spring. I am scraping off the
  13. 39 years ago I took this photo between two winter storms. /Martin
  14. Here is a simple alternative. http://www.katiekat.net/Cruise/Cruise2003EPhotos/JibClew3.jpg /Martin
  15. I have browsed that report a little and it looks like an interesting read. I wonder if there is something like that for Scandinavia... More on geology: Some years ago I stumbled on this lecture: /Martin
  16. Link to Peter Balance's report: https://www.geotrips.org.nz/downloads/Ballance_NZ_Geology-V2.pdf /Martin
  17. Live music? I mean, Händel's Water Music... Many moons ago (late 1970s) I sailed some on a school ship, this one: On one occasion we ha teenage girls as crew/pupils. Some of them knew each other already. They sang in the same choir... /Martin
  18. Don't use Facebook! Problem solved. /Martin
  19. Earlier this week I learned that even George Orwell sported a toothbrush mustache for a while. I don't know who those guys are, apart from my grandfather that is. /Martin
  20. Bought my jacket in 2012 so more than 6 years old but it has not seen heavy use. But the real reason for posting again is to share this photo of my maternal grandfather trying out his new boat with some friends. I don't have an exact date, sometime in the second half of the 1930s I think. Not quite dressed like we are used to now /Martin
  21. When you want a deluge they are far and few between... So I did some preliminary testing in my shower cabin: Better but no cigar. The shoulder part still leaks some so I opted for some reinforcement using a spray-on product. Before that I also applied some heat by means of ironing at lowest power. Both seemed to help. Tonight we got some rain, not heavy though, and I took a longish walk. OK, much better. It will keep me dry in non-demanding conditions, at least for a while. Inspecting the inside at home I see water is still coming through but much less. So Nikwax helps but it do
  22. Right, I have pondered this smock thing for a while. Probably a better choice for me and my boat and my kind of sailing than a jacket. /Martin
  23. Last time I heard about his, which was many moons ago, they got custom kits, not what is sold over the counter. /Martin
  24. MartinRF

    What if...?

    Day before midsummer must be June. Fire bans are in force when it is deemed too dry. /Martin
  25. MartinRF

    What if...?

    You think the days in August are long? That is when people here start to lament the shortening of the day. /Martin
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