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    Akarana 350

    We will be there in Motorboat... Just...
  2. Been there, done that... It was messy.
  3. Will try and do a full report on the adventure at some stage. Its been good.
  4. Wow tazzy lucky you caught that before it tore right out. An item like that bolted through foam is a disaster waiting to happen. We have been ver busy on the Motorboat II(ex squealer) Elliott 10.5. Replaced some large sections of deck where there was some soft spots, rewired the entire boat, all new lights, all new instruments, new autopilot, new stereo(quite large...), sorted safety gear for cat 2 plus so many smaller jobs. And 2 weeks ago I completed the trip from France to NZ with the family, sold the 50fter and brought the Elliott. Been a big few weeks, or years actually.
  5. Rich kids are allowed to sail as well. The size of your outboard makes little difference to the support you can give to your kids while dinghy racing. Swallows and Amazons was also our favorite series of books as kids. My father has written a series of similar type books but based in NZ and Aussie and in more modern times. Probably my favorite of them is 'those sugar barge kids' based in the bay of islands.
  6. The first thing is making the kids enjoy mucking around in boats. Second thing is making them good at it. If you swap that order then chances are they won't stick around.
  7. Isn't that right in the heart of cyclone season?
  8. Dress up theme this year? We will most likely be there.
  9. So for the A350, 350nm at this time of the year. Not really a race for beginners. Sure you have to start somewhere but this race is most likely not going to be your first taste of sailing.... Anyone contemplating crewing in the race has already invested hundreds or more likely thousands on wet weather gear, life jacket/harness, sea boots ect. If its a boat that takes a complete beginner on a race like this then its very likely that the race/food costs are going to be split so there is more money. Then there is (at least) a day off work and the whole weekend for the race, plus a few evenings
  10. B00B00


    I have a bunch of old ones. Give me a week or 2 to finish up here and I will see what's left over. The graphics seem very prone to screen failure. I have had 2 fail, going to try replacing it with a tridata.
  11. We used a staysail to great effect on pepe in the RNI. Used inside the reaching sails only. Often we would have the fractional code zero and staysail set with 1 or 2 reefs in the main. Certainly the first sail reduction was always the main when we were reaching.
  12. Yup im sure looking forward to getting back into it. Clipper and my brother sam have a massive head start on us in preparation for RNZ and the gale force is going real quick but we will give it everything! We have a huge task ahead to just make it to the start line... The boats still in Nelson and I'm in Niue about to head to Tonga. My first ever sail on the boat won't be until mid November. But that's part of the challenge, preparing and tweaking a boat for a big event is great fun. When are we planning the Elliott raft up party?
  13. The Elliott 10.5 Squealer will be on its way to Auckland soon to. Going to be a big fleet of Elliots out there in the 35ft range!
  14. We have a max prop 3 blade feathering on a 15 ton 50fter with a 110hp motor. No issues at all in 15,000nm so far and performance seems to be very good under sail and motor-never been passed on either. I do make a point of servicing it whenever we come out of the water.
  15. Rogue sailing down the coast of Puerto Rico.
  16. On Rogue (15 ton beneteau oceanis 50) we have 100m of 12mm chain and a 45kg manson supreme. Secondary is a 25kg kobra with 30m 12mm chain and 40m warp. Plus we have a smaller danforth kedge anchor. I have found this to be more than adequate from Europe to South pacific, havent dragged yet and seldom have to put more than 60m out. Deepest anchorage so far was 32m in the marquessas. I found the anchor winch really struggled to pull it all up especially the last 35m with the 45kg anchor on the end...
  17. I spent a month cruising out there in the 90s. Crazy place. Tim, Probably the only real all weather anchorage on the whole island is port hutt which is on the west side of waitangi bay. There is the wreck of the old steamship Thommas Currell there that you can tuck behind. Other than that its pretty limited. All the other spots are jam packed with fishing boats.
  18. I suppose there are 2 ways to look at everything. If you buy a NZ new boat of the same vintage that hasn't been offshore and want to kit it up for an offshore passage, you will be chucking a ton of time and money at it. Solar panels + a stainless arch/davit to put it on, watermaker, wind generator, inner jib, life raft, spare parts, extra chain, cat 1 gear ect. Although I would think a fair bit of cat one gear would still need to be added to many of the current offshore cruisers. As has been mentioned in this thread a few times, its a super easy passage from the Med to NZ. Downwind the
  19. Exactly Mark MT or even worse not be able to sell at all. Probably around half the cruisers we have met are planning to sell in NZ or Aussie.
  20. I think if you brought well and did the trip on a budget (and without 3 kids...) then it could be easy to go cost neutral. But for us we will be backwards by a fair bit I think. Knowing what we know now there would be a few things we would do differently but still very happy with how its gone so far. The reality is that its a very easy trip to do and as BP says its a well trodden path. We havent even tacked yet in almost 8000nm of sailing! We have met other kiwis doing it very comfortably in 100k 15 year old beneteaus and all types. I just think that anyone who is thinking about it shoul
  21. Keen on the ST60+ Graphic display. Can you give me more info on the ST6002 controller? Is this just the screen or the computer? Both my graphic and autopilot screens are starting to play up.
  22. Yeah but I mean anyone on here who hasnt done it before.
  23. Has anyone else ever put much thought into doing a trip like this? Its actually pretty achievable.
  24. Yup made it through safely and anchored in La Playita. A nice tropical downpoor to welcome us to the Pacific. Champaign flows! ROGUE'S first ever sight of the Pacific!
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