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Solo Tasman Race

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Here's some photos from New Plymouth. All the boats are here now, the harbour is a bit rolly but luckily for us we are one of 6 yachts able to be on the "marina". Road Runner is tied up next to the other Young 11, Outsidedge.

Atom Ant, Shilong, The Healer.JPG

The two Young 11s in New Plymouth with Gator of Margaret River, Lisa Blair..JPG

The two Young 11s.JPG

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A large swell has made life uncomfortable here. At least the competitors with boats on the "marina" have been able to continue doing some work between checking chafe on mooring lines. The ones still on the moorings have not been able to get aboard although a couple of hardy ones have slept on board. Getting off has been difficult so staying on board has been the only option until this morning. Hupane with Graeme Dalton chose to go down to the commercial wharf and has had a difficult time with mooring lines and we havent seen him for days.

A couple of photos of the harbour and approaches pre storm and post storm. Also the sea coming over the walkway has made the walk a little wet. This morning the aftermath of last night is shown by the large rock lifted off the wall by the pounding swell.




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In that last photo of Jean's you can see the large boulder that was part of the sea wall until yesterday. That takes some serious grunt to push a rock like that over!


I went down to the port this morning to help sort out a few more things for Lisa and the security wouldn't let me walk along the breakwater. I managed to hitch a ride down to the boat in someones dinghy and then spent the rest of the day sorting out various wiring and satphone issues. Its pretty bloody hard to solder when the boat is getting chucked around and constantly bouncing off its mooring lines.


Apparently Graham Dalton was stuck on his boat around the wharf side because it was too rough to get off. A few of skippers had slept on their boats last night... although I don't think much sleep was had. It was pretty bloody awful down there.


Just trying to sort out Cory's laptop... I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the CD that comes with a GME AIS transponder? I can't find anywhere to download the USB drivers on their website.


Will post photos on sunday I promise!

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Just noticed on their website that the race start has been delayed until Tuesday. What am I going to do for two days now my armchair sailing has been postponed? I was quite looking forward to it.


Just as well I can go sailing instead :D

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