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2 - 2.5hp Outboards - recommendations of good/bad ones

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I'm thinking about getting a new 2hp or similar size for the dinghy, There are now a few more options around than there used to be. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations, or ones to avoid?


the waterman is a great price, but a little concerned if it really is as good as the yamaha?


Mercs are cheap - seems good option?


Honda does an aircooled 4 stroke, which sounds good, but is expensive and possible noisy?


Cant go wrong with the yamaha i guess?


And finally, wondering if anyone knows if is worth going to the boat show to look for specials?

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Be careful of the Chinese ones. A mate had one - all the paint blew off in under a year, and it failed permanently in 18 months. The handbook says it must be washed in fresh water after every use, and kept indoors and dry!!

Not much help for a cruiser who lives aboard!

I'd go with a common brand. I have a Suzuki DF2.5 four stroke (2009) and an old Mec 15 Hp 2 smoke, 1997. I much prefer the 15. The Suzuki is beginning to loose it's paint as well, bubbling off. I also just had to pull off the head on it due to a stuck valve. The merc has been really mistreated, and is fine, heaps more hours, and way older.... BUT it is one of the USA mercs, not the Japanese ones.

I think I'd go for the Merc or the Yamaha...

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Have personally or seen friends have brilliant runs with Merc 2 strokes and baby honda 4 strokes. Also personally have, or have seen friends terrible runs with Suzuki and chinese brands. I think that the Merc babies are actually Tohatsu outboards, but more expensive ( was told this by a dealer so unsure of validity as many dealers know worse than nothing in my experience! ).


I think that the Merc's are a "cant go wrong" in that size. Not so sure about the larger ones though!.

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A friend has a 2003? yammy thats still great gets a fresh flush after every use.

My 2008 merc 2.5 starts first pop and goes good. I just ensure sparkplug is clean and fuel is no more than 3mths old. It gets no flush after use. When this one dies I'd probably get a yammy.

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The best one would be anything that I haven't owned.

We don't seem to get on. The current one is still getting over a dinghy flip.

I would have thought that the Honda 4 stroke is very quiet. But as you say, expensive.

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I'd recommend mine , but I have no idea what it is.

Something that hasn't been under water , could be yamaha or that other motorbike, never been serviced , never had a fresh water flush , might have had a plug once, always has fuel older than 3 months, Is currently about 9 years old .

New I think I'd buy the tohatsu 3 or 3.3 ,whatever it is from the guy at silverdale , who is a yachty/ cruiser. And I'd do the same for the 2/ 2.5.

Mercury is the same motor but usually detuned a fraction.

The brands all do those market share deals , I think the old mariner I had for 9 or 10 years and a yamaha was the same unit too. The really funny thing about those two identical motors was that one was specced to run on 50:1 and one on 100:1. That tells you sumpin doesn't it.


edit : been back through some old photos, I currently have a yamaha 2hp. Its been good, like a good consumable should be.

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