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Bucklands Beach YC Single handed series

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oracle intends to race, whats the weather up to this weekend ?

do we have some sort of normal handicapping for all boats this time..based on race track ?


Poke poke poke - Racetrack is picking up the HSS races and you can see your racetrack results on that site. By the NOR, the HSS tracks PHRF, which doesn't change, and club handicaps, which do. Spoiled for options. If you wish to donate a large "racetrack" prize to the HSS I'd be happy to tally it and give it away at the end :)

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great race today, good weather for it, unlike the drifter with RYC a few weeks back.

Big Kudos to H& H for runnning the kite, He eventually got it up and working, while the rest of us avoided his broaching and

almost chinese a few times, he pulled out a few hundred metres before motuihe to round first, I was just gull wing with the jib for part of it, then the beat home... !! great, Oracle was in her element. No2 jib and 1 tuck in the main. trucked along nicely, each time it got windier i made gains...each time the sea got lumpier i made gains.. then half way from browns is to motokorea took over to lead. then short broad reach back to browns to the finish boat and beat H& H by about 15 seconds.


got some great photos of the the other competitors while i was a blouse and had no kite up. will post then later.

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Well what a day....

Started off by wrapping a dock line around the propeller! And once free bumped in to Big Bickies and Rock Lobsterr on the way back in. One complaining its too windy and the other not being able to get his main up...

Off to the next issue, I managed to run a reef line around my life lines and took a while to work out why I cant get my main up.... I probably should have given up on my reefing idea there and then.... It was pretty cool surfing down the waves and hitting 9kts at times, bareheaded too!

Only 5min 20sec late to the start.... Quite good considering my previous starts... Suppose should have known how far Motukorea is....

Lovely sail all the way to the bottom of Motuihie and then... Managed to catch up and pass someonenot sure who, and Cool Change had a few issues and I got sort of close...

All in all, today was not a place for a 7m boat... Main luff ripped and everything hurts.... Too lumpy, gusty and shifty...

Great day on the water basically!

Big thanks to BBYC volunteers for sitting and waiting for everyone to finish!!!

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Impressed with my handicap too! :P

Higher than other 727's that race on Tuesdays at BBYC with full crew :?


Ah well, such is life! It was a day for a skinny long boats with heaps of weight!


Impressed with H&H and a spinnaker run!!! That boy must have trouble walking with balls that size!!!

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H&H's race report.

With the forecast looking like a slightly breezy Westerly 15-20 through most of the day and possibly 20-25 later on choosing the number 2 headsail was a no-brainer. Left the number 1 on the dock. The big decision was to kite or not to kite? I rigged it up on the way out ready to make a call on the start line. Started bare headed in close company with most of the regular Hauraki Singlehanded Series guys: The Bondi Tram, Crocodile, Revolution Blues and Oracle. The angle to Motuhie was looking good for a kite so just went for it before I over-analysed it. The kite set before I got it fully hoisted and the autopilot was struggling to keep the boat straight while I winched up the halyard. Had a brief moment of regret and saw Oracle taking some photos of the imminent cluster. (The masthead stayed dry - sorry to disappoint) Had to commandeer the helm after a few minor skids but got there after 5 mins or so jumping between the dilemma of helm, sheet and halyard. Revo went for a fractional Asail and by this time TBT unfurled his Zero and shot out to a good lead. With kite fully hoisted and sheeted on now the H&H was firing on all cylinders and started accelerating away from the rest of the fleet and running down TBT who was about 80m ahead. Got a puff of 25 and surfed right up to their transom and dived to leeward sitting on 12 knots most of the way. Good times. The boat was quite well behaved once it was planing. Cranked the pole aft to comfortably lay through to the Motuhie channel marker, this was too deep for TBT and made more gains. Had a 200m lead on the rest of the fleet. Briefly contemplated gybing the kite to sail across the back of Motuhie but it was a pretty solid 20 knots with wind over tide and both my brain and body thought this would be a bad idea. Standard back hatch drop, smothering the kite behind the main no problems. Needed to catch my breath and rehydrate so went bare headed for a bit then hoisted the number 2. Upwind I saw 20-25knots but puffs of 30 at Bean Rock. Above the top of the range for full main so put loads of backstay on, pulled it tight in the corners, eased the main and pulled traveller up for maximum twist. Was a bit flappy but had good height and speed. The only threatening looking boats were Oracle, In The Mood and infrared which as expected eventually ground me down. Saw a 2m shark circling just off Motukorea. Rounded the top mark about 3 lengths behind Oracle and tried to feed them as much gas on the short downwind to the finish. Ran them down but wasn't quite enough and finished a boat length behind. On the way back in passed Cool Change who was sailing upwind to Northern Leading bare headed - problems on board? Well done to all that gave it a go in the challenging conditions. Thank you to event sponsor BJ Tyres, BBYC race committee and Oracle for the photos. Hopefully we'll see you all out for race 4&5 of the HSS - BBYC BJ Tyres weekend away 31Jan-1Feb.

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2014-15 Hauraki Singlehanded Series #3 - BBYC BJ Tyres Around Motuihe


Thanks to the race control for delaying the start a few minutes - this is the second year I got to the start line 30s after the normal start time! Not as bad as Wild! however! On the way down I had a 35 knot burst and hit 14 knots of boatspeed under main alone - hence was a little apprehensive about putting up the kite as the wind at the start was a bit up on average. So I queued up what I call "the green thing" - far from a fractional A3 - this gem of a sail is straight out of the 80's, a sort of "jib top" - and my go-to weapon for 90o-100o apparent winds over 30 knots. In any other situation it's a bad choice, something that has been proven over and over and over. The regular Wednesday night crew have standing orders to hit me "up to thrice" if I call for it - and I usually relent and come to my senses after 2 hits. The green thing is a temptation I should avoid, I should burn the thing, I should NOT repair it after each hoist (it tears every time in at least two places), but I do, and I should at least leave it off the boat, but I don't. Nonetheless, lacking dedicated crew, I made the marginal call to hoist it in this race.


Back to the actual racing, the start went fine - only a few seconds late and in with the "usual HSS crowd" of Heaven n Hell, The Bondi Tram, Crocodile, and Oracle. There as a second wave but they seemed content to watch as HnH went for his kite to the amusement of all, though it paid in the end, and myself as I fought the !@#$@!@ green thing, which was all kinds of tangled in the jib (did I mention the green thing has no bag?). The autopilot was trying but in no way can handle 25 knots and rolly seas. (Side note - when is some kind marine engineer going to market a decent autopilot that can handle this type of sailing for a pricepoint under $10k? please?) A few round ups later it got up and off I went, surfing to 12 and loving it but headed on a green-thing guided course to Islington Bay that the rest of the fleet was not aware of. Gybed back at Emu point to just cross Cool Change (two sailing) and went behind the rest of the leaders. A few gybes later I was ready to lay the reef marker on Motuihie but the sheet released and I lost the green-thing entirely into a (rather fitting) green mess around the forestay. A few more roundups later, and giving the big, beautiful, and I would hazard to guess, expensive Moody "In the Mood," a reason to reconsider his course, I got back to sailing, green thing still decorating the forestay, and just managed to stay on top of and ahead of Infarred, the Farr 1106, and In the Mood. Commas. Cool Change was ahead and to leward. In the lighter reach behind Motuihe I got the green thing sorted and set up for the slog home. The leaders rounded 5 minutes head and I just stayed ahead of Infarred until the wind kicked back in, and he paid me back, climbed up and fed me his dirty air for a time.


However, the little Ross boat found a new gear upwind and I was able to catch and pass a number of the leaders and keep in touch with Infarred, just hold off a charging Eyelure (Alan and his Marauder were just loving the conditions) and Beghorrah. It goes to show my respect for Chris and HnH in that I lost track of the leaders and thought he had gotten MILES ahead. However, it seems he and Glen on Oracle were having a tussle only about 6 minutes ahead. Which means I must have kept pace with these much larger boats upwind - Lovely!


Congrats to Eyelure for the h/c win - well deserved - and Oracle for edging HnH on line. And to BBYC for another epic singlehanded race - 17 boats. Apologies for not making the prizegiving - but looking forward to the weekend away next year.

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Had a shocker. Lost the jib sheet. Twice. Rattled undone in one tack and the tied the most complicated knot around the lifelines in another tack. The old crew needs to practise sailing rather than boat building. Always have plenty on with m/head runners on your own. Was one foot chock short of comfortable as well. Am looking forward to the rest of the season though. Roll on the double. Thanks to Bucks Club and BJ Tyres. Always a great series.

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bit late leaving the dock but thought I had plenty of time to get to start. Couldn't get tiller pilot to work to hold boat into wind so had to wait till I got to Glendowie and less breeze to get main on so ended up late at start squared off for run and tore the main at the luff above reef point.

Not a good day but a good trial.

Back in shed for a few mods will get her right in the end.

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