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If it's warm I prefer bare feet and if not I want to at least attempt to keep warm dry feet so it's sea boots for me at that point.


Not sure that I subscribe to the bare feet = best grip theory. I think a good sole on non-skid gives better grip than bare skin.


If I want something in between I wear Vibram Five Fingers. I use an older version of these, but only because that's what I already had.



There are watersport specific ones as well



They may look dorky and the feel takes a little getting used to, but I find them great. You can feel the deck almost as well as with bare feet, extra grip from the sole, a little toe stub protection and they dry fast. A sprinkle of foot powder between wears is highly recommended to keep the stink at bay tho.

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I wouldn't race on a keel boat in barefeet unless I had no other option. Seen way too many injuries.

Fair call. In reality, my bare feet are generally reserved for deliveries and cruising when the conditions are good, so I didn't really answer the OP. It's usually boots or Five Fingers for me racing.

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