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After much indecision, and a desire not to do so, I've decided to put Euphoria on the market.


Simply, a lack of spare time, coupled with living too far away has meant that she doesn't get the use and love she deserves. Ants did a great job on the hulls before I bought her, and I hate to see her looking neglected on the mooring.


I'm planning to downsize slightly so that I can trail the boat home for the stormy season, where I can keep an eye on things, instead of laying in bed worrying every time there's a roaring southerly.


Sailing wise, she's pretty much sorted. Accommodation wise, there's still a long way to go.


Comes with 2013 Merc 8hp. Foam and Carbon Foils. Ali mast and boom. Original dacron main, 2 headsails, and fractional gennaker.  


Will get a waterblast and new a/f when sold.


I'll get up there this week and get a few pics, then she'll be on Trademe. Asking $10,500.


Currently moored at Little Shoal Bay, where she can stay for a while, but the mooring is not included.


Matt, I've posted a "readers digest version" in the Classifieds, will pay in accordance.

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always that tension between


hey, i'm happy i sold it quick!




damn did i sell it too cheap?


but much better to have it all done + dusted than starting at 20k, dropping to 15k at the end of summer


then next year 10k when everyone's sure it must be a dog


and it's starting to look it

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yeah, now I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a smaller trailable multi.


There's a strike 18 on TM (not right now 'cos the owner is on holiday) which looks pretty tidy, and according to the designer they are pretty darn quick.


A large part of the decision was made by my wife, she doesn't like the cat arrangement, preferring to have a central hull.


 I reckon VB could make some form of foldaway soft cabin, a bit like fizznasties have to give a nice warm hudddle-space for when the weather turns yuck. It has a high boom so could even be left up while sailing if done right, I reckon.


That, and being able to take it home "For the winter", which means I can get things done without booking a whole day away from home.


All is not lost, new year, new idea, no clue, happy that way! :)

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