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Electric conversions

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IMHO a long range cruiser can get away with less range under power than a weekend warrior.

I'd say you are more an exception than the rule.


I'm on cruising boats, short and long range, a lot and see more and more reliance on power. To get enough to run the boat then more to drive the boat on top of that would be a stretch to far I think.

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Agreed KM, In my experience a LARGE proportion of crusiers are really motor sailors. In some places its useful, like around the top of Borneo, where it is often absolutely calm - the area is known as "the land beneath the wind". Many cruisers carry up to 1000ltrs of diesel, and run a genset every day...


Me? Well, I carry 120ltrs of diesel and don't have a genset! But with jerrycans, we once motored for 1300nm, as it was dead calm for 10 days.....


NO solar system that you could fit on a boat could currently power an electric engine to do that. Yet.


However, if you are a purist, and only use engine to get in and out of marinas etc, and are prepared to wait for the wind, and restrict your on board electrical use, then it can be done.

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149K, ya dreamin.....


There is a hybrid available that's interesting

That is where we are at currently and it works well if set up properly. To get full lectric is still a wee ways away.


But you can't be like the growing number of boats who need power 24/7 and have leads the size of my thigh just to keep them alive in a marina.

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That is a Jack Cropp boat and saw it being towed in Westhaven this week.

Why on earth would an electric boat need to be towed into a marina? Perhaps their diesel filter blocked? ran out of fuel? air in the fuel line? Glo-plugs not warming up? Problem with the lift pump?

Oh there are sooo many things to go wrong with a diesel engine, lucky they didn't have one...

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