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One Design SSANZ Series Aftermatch Raft Up & Coastguard Fundraiser

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The 2018 SSANZ series has attracted a record number of entries in the Young 88 and Pied Piper one design fleets.

It seems like a good excuse to mark the occasion with a "quiet" celebration and a record sized, one design raft up hosted by the above fleets.




We are officially fundraising for Coastguard to give something back for all the hard working volunteers that log our progress and provide a great service we hope we never need. Our stretch target of $1500 pays for one coastguard crew volunteer to be fully trained.   The bucket will be passed around the raft and the bay for cash donations and in exchange for a delicious "gourmet" sausage 'n sauce. BRING CASH!


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for boats rafting together was set on August 14, 2010, when 1,651 boats rafted up at the 1st Annual Lake Cumberland Raft Up in Kentucky. Suspect we wont get to those numbers.


Events will kick off in Islington bay immediately after the last race finishes.  We've already heard of plenty who are throwing in a sleeping bag.




Weather permitting we will be giving what the yanks call a wagon wheel raft a go.  Need a cat with high hull clearance for dinghy ferry access.  Chosen the head of the bay for calmest water (bit shallow for the big guys sorry)
The planning has begun. The Piedy sized sound system is sorted just need a grunty portable gen set (5000 watts plus apparently) and pontoon boat/barge in the centre for BBQ, Sound System and generator 

One design fleets/boats bring fenders and lines to join the raft. All SSANZers and guests welcome to swim over :)

Spread the word.. racing or not the more boats out there the better the celebration.

Need one of these:


and one of these....


Got one of these ....


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There's a photo of a raftup of Raven 26's in the PYBC clubrooms. Photo was taken in Bon Accord harbour I think on a anniversary weekend. Can't remember how many, but there were a lot. Somebody stole the wheel off the only wheel steer R26 and hoisted it up the owners mast, the owner shall remain nameless. Not knowing it was up his mast he left with a cresent spanner to steer with.

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So, how did this all go? Was it a goer or did the weather screw it up?



Sorry only just saw this post.  Should have reported back earlier.


Large party with even larger music.  


Definitely should be an annual event.


$504 donated to Coastguard


Sorry can't post images here from Facebook or Google photos so all of the details can be found on the Y88 Facebook event page discussion


here: https://www.facebook.com/events/443855122756528/permalink/591705594638146/

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