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No life raft, good decision in my opinion. Keeping CAT 3 is important because there is no way the comitee can randomly check boats on the start line.   A life raft on a wooden catamaran is as useful


This is why you need an inner forestay with a deep reef!     

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a certain light-weight multi guru friend of mine keeps commenting that the rig on capricorn has far too much windage, stays + diamonds, for such a short rig


i always tell him


it's a trimaran with more beam than the designer recommended


and a square-head so fat, the sail's almost rectangular


it doesn't lie down to dump invisible monster gusts


it just spits the rig off


after 2 normalish rigs exited stage right


belts + braces has stayed the course




am hoping the fwd diamond


takes the place of an inner forestay..

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I hope the outer diamonds are fixed to the spreader tips. It is not unusual to overlook this important detail. It does not replace an inner forestay but is important anyway.


The actual staying does not look overdone to me but there is a lot of other things adding clutter and drag. Lazyjacks, halyards etc, some of which will be out of the way when sailing.



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