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Sold Boat

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Many I know are seriously considering selling or have sold due to the inverse relationship between ever rising marina costs and their boats sliding value included in that mix is costly and dodgy marine related service providers.

Panuku Herbert & Speedy Inc are not the only marine related mafia operators out there.

I tackle most boat related tasks myself and reach for electrical assistance from Waterfront Electrical,covers etc from Boat Cover Co next door and sails from yes Doyle’s.

Never had any dramas received great service and used for many many moons.

Crikey talk to less practically resourceful / skilled boating associates and their tales of horror woe and disaster are truely a sad indictment on the marine service providers they have paid for professional assistance from.

Price gouging is my pet hate and plonk your princess on the Floating Dock Pier21 or Orams and wow every year the bill grows more than Pinocchio’s nose.

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