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Coming back from my annual Tall ships adventure (perfect weather yet again, thanks Christine and all those at Russell)  you contemplate many things on the coast and one thing that struck me was the lack of flying fish in the last ten years, whats happened to them?

I remember going up in the 70's and whole waves would explode with them -as in the tropics . Now I havent seen one for ages, except for circling an old blue ketch one year at the Barrier -no doubt attracted by the lights.

Did see one just off Cape Rodney and he was very large, but with the abundance of other sea life something has happened ? 

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The shoals of a hundred or thousand at a time up around Fiji is always a buzz.


Not many kahawai around either, we finally hooked a couple inside the ninepin but that's all we saw in a couple of weeks. The day before is when Lanakai caught the 425 kilo black marlin there, on a dead kahawai , so I'm told.

Say what, you mean 425 lb doncha?

Nooo. ..425 kg.

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Where I grew up at times there would be workups from as far as the eye could see.

The bay was completely alive with sealife. BOP.

Thanks to our greed and resource management, now kahawai are few and far between.

Its a disgrace imo.

Thanks MOF and central govt.

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Saw a pod of dolphins chasing flying fish in November as we motored out of Whangaparapara.

A large one flew away from one dolphin to land in the up stretched mouth of another, was an amazing sight just metres away from us

As for kahawai they trawled them up and sold to Aus for crab bait, not sure if they are still doing this but numbers are way down every since this started.

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