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Westhaven - Panuku Consultation

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Right, rather than debate the lock-down cruise or non-cruise have any Westhaven berthholders responded to the consultation on:

a)  Permitting non-recreational boats to use selected berths within the Marina;
b)  The introduction of a user pays regime for utilities in the Marina;
c)  Allowing berth holders to sublet their marina berths for 12 months or more; and
d)  Permitting "Live on Board" at Panuku's discretion.

Responses due 5pm 14th April.




Explanatory Note.pdf

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I know we love to hate Panuku and Westhaven Management, but I think the proposal to start allowing liveaboards again is a positive one.

Theyd be useful right now in keeping an eye on boats during the lockdown, and did prove to be useful when that Tornado thingy ripped through mid year (last year), as they rushed to help marina management.  ANd they are generally useful to keep a general eye out for dodgy characters overall -- something that has proven to be a successfully deterrent to said dodgy dudes roaming other marinas that have a liveaboard community.

All that is needed is a "riff raff" clause so guys don't go growing cannabis or what not in pot plants on their cabin top , and all will be well.


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Agree that any proposal to encourage live-aboards is good.

i recently spoke to GH about this and they are actively trying to wind down to zero - their argument is wanting to be a ‘clean & green’ marina and they can never know 100% the toilet usage habits of liveaboards. I think that’s a poor argument which could be handled in other ways if you wanted to and if you truly recognised the other benefits of liveaboards - especially as passive security.

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Take a trip up tamiki river there has been some dubious liveaboards,There have been a numbers of thefts by a certain vessel that resides in the river, doubt that would happen in a marina.Didnt say you need to be wealthy for a marina but you would have a better type of person thats all I meant.I know you a get a bad apple in every bunch.

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Has anyone seen anything from the WMUA on this?  I am a member but I have not had anything from them which is a surprise.

I am surprised by A and B.  They tried to charge for utilities previously and I thought they gave up?

We are constantly told there is a waiting list, that we can only spend one night on our boats etc so I don't get what they are after, other than higher fees.

They need 75% to agree I think, so I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to get a lease extension etc in return.

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