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Some of you might find this interesting.

I have a customer who had new batts, alternator, external reg, shorepower and solar fitted by another electrical company about a year or so ago.

Recently his house batts failed. They were quality AGM units.

Investigation showed they had less than 30% of design capacity, after one year.  Further investigation shows the batteries to be badly sulfated, due to  charging voltages being too low.

The Shorepower charger is a victron Centaur, the Alt reg is a Balmar, and the solar controller an EPever.

Investigation of these shows the Victron unit set to AGM. Same with the EPEver. Balmar too.

You might think this is OK, but, like I always say, read the PDS for your specific make and model of batteries!!  

In this case, the Battery PDS wants voltages 14.6-14.8 for Bulk and Absorption, and 13.6 - 13.8 for float. The standard  settings provided by these manufacturers for AGM  is 14.4 for bulk and 13.3 for float - its not sufficient.

So what I did was replace the Solar unit (after batteries replaced with same units again), with a Victron Bluetooth unit with logging. Programmed that to the right voltages under the custom setting, and set it to do an equalization to 15.2v once per month. The Victron Shorepower unit did not actually produce the voltage it was meant to, but now set to LA (Lead Acid) it is within the specs. Still have to program the Balmar unit later today.

The jist of this story is; - check your charging voltages, at bulk and at float, for all your charging sorces, and make certain that they are within the specs for YOUR batts. Or suffer premature failure....


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Ta for reminder. Yes. Great info and would be good to get another report in a year.

I bought a second hand electric car recently and have been very kind to the batteries. By keeping within the advised levels I've actually been able to INCREASE the range compared to what I bought it at.  It's only been a 4.3% increase but every bit counts and I hope to improve on that.

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31 minutes ago, splat said:

Curious IT was the Epever model not adjustable?

Its adjustable, but it has no logging function. Its also a bit stupid in that it tries to do Bulk charge every day for a set time, regardless of SOC.

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14 minutes ago, darkside said:

Sulphating an EV battery?

Not sure if that is possible for Lithium based batteries.

True, It will depend on battery type. But if its gaining capacity with use, it makes me think maybe not lithium?? 

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