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Good idea?

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The seems are not normally reversible, the chafe protections and hoop sleeves will be on the wrong side, and so will the clears. Not practical IMO. My current Dodger is about 15 years old, and on its 3rd clears. Canvas is Sunbrella, still a bit of life in it yet....


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2 hours ago, John B said:

Same as The Night Train?

more or less, I refer to them as cousin's rather than true sister ships.

Mine (Comfort Zone) was to the original design but stretched and there is a second one off the same moulds that to my knowledge has never been launched, I believe still in a shed in Avondale. Interestingly quite a few of her drawings including the lines plan were drawn by Roger Hill in his role as Farr's chief draftsman.

Alan Smith/Smith's boat yard Whangarei decided to build these for export to USA and had the Farr office tweak the design (removed the clipper bow, different interior, longer cockpit with LOA 13.9m) - this is known as version 2A. They built 2 yachts, the first with a swing keel (similar to mine) which was shipped to USA and subsequently sold to a West Coast owner. He changed the swing keel for a deeper fixed keel. This is Beach Party, featured in Dashew's Cruising Encylopedia. 

The Night Train was Smith's second build, this time with a Scheel Keel. She was also shipped to USA for boat show display, but did not sell so was brought back to NZ. She had the name SKP in the 90's and I understand made multiple island passages, especially to Vanuatu.  She was bought by an Australian from Lord Howe Is in 2000 who renamed her The Night Train. Next owner was a mate of IT's from Mana who later had the Scheel keel swapped for a Bakewell White designed Tee keel in prep for a shot at the Single Handed Trans Tasman. But this never came off and according to IT, TNT had issues getting into Mana due to her draft. She has sold again and is based top end of the Sth Island.

The final yacht, also to design 2A, is Mustang Sally. She was built in Melbourne for offshore racing and launched as Morning Mist. Warren Batt (current owner) bought her in the early 90's, renamed her and has clocked up a huge mileage including a circumnavigation, several Sydney Hobarts, Whangarei Noumea race , sailed from NZ to Thailand and back via Perth over period 2014-19. Currently based at Gulf Harbour and for sale. Only downside to her is her 10' draft tee keel, which while making her a very stiff powerful yacht has obvious cruising limitations.   

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