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Saturday: Luna Rossa vs Ineos Team UK – 4pm start

Sunday: Ineos Team UK vs Luna Rossa – 4pm start (if required).ie if LR win Sat. race

Weather permitting, spectator-friendly Course C will likely use every race day for the rest of the regatta, meaning fans on dry land will be able to get good views of the action from a number of spots in the city. 

"It became obvious to me, being here and living the winds, dealing with this on a daily basis, there's a very good area on Course C," Director Iain Murray said.

The Course will be expanded, allowing Murray to tailor each day's racing to the wind.

The move met with the approval of Luna Rossa's Jimmy Spithill.

"From a sailor's point of view, we like being on that course cos it's like a stadium."


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Ah the precious fellows, (We dont like waves or getting wet all the time when sailing), result course A canned. We are really moving away from real yachting the course that could have been used from almost any wind direction scrubbed primarily because they are scared of loosing more competitors.

I guess we shouldnt be surprised it is the AC after all not real yachting like SSANZ or Vendee



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I thought that LRs subtle course change to leeward verged on 'hunting' but anyway ultimately too little too late and I'd guess RO saw thru that little pantomime.

They bore away to make the sudden 'avoidance' look necessary.

It is kind of interesting though. At 40plus knots a collision is carastrophic, perhaps fatal - and so maybe they need to have zone protection similar to mark rounding. Perhaps they do?

Anybody with rules knowledge?


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Yesterday the race made a new rule.That a competitor could delay race by 15 minutes for gear adjustments.

UK took that advantage to make boom adjustment for the wind?

Today reported that the new rule is no longer in play.Would the Italians now have right to redress,if UK hadnt of made adjustments would they of come 2nd??


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this was discussed well on the youtube livecast

apparently the rule that any competitor could delay a start ONCE in that series was already there but no one had used it  

youtube was following the boats coms and we could hear the ineos crew complaining that they were losing hydraulic pressure even when nothing was happening, during the wind delays they traced the issue to a damaged downhaul system

so they used their one 15min delay card to isolate the hydraulic leak and manually lock the downhaul in 1 position

so prada had an advantage even before the start but made too many minor mistakes to capitalise on ineous's partially crippled main   


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16 hours ago, harrytom said:

Do these guys have different rules to normal rules?? UK being on port last leg yet italy seem to alter course to leeward? I always thought you must hold course.

Well done team UK. Close racing I have seen might start to get more interest in these yachts now.

Yes you are allowed to ‘hunt’ in match racing, so bearing down to leeward to seek a penalty is allowed. They just weren’t close enough really. 

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