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tack hammer

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i've sailed on something that appeared to have a similar concept (maybe?) in perth a few years ago. It was not as nicely executed, but had a cat type bow blending into a mono stern. There was a detailed article on it in the aussie sailing mag, would have been about 2005/2006?

Went OK for what it was, especially upwind.

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YEHAH!!! Well done just saw the BLUR SE site. TACK HAMMER has just gone half way round the world! A very pretty looking sheer ,bow and stern ; everything looks right so there fore your on a winner.

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just putting twin rudders on her. when going to windward we sail with a bit of heel and center rudder lifts out so have to ease main a little boat still tracks straight just helm goes lighter than normal.Shes a work in progress, normal for me.

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sailed a couple of weeks ago in Bucks rum race with my boy to try out twin rudders, not sure? seem a little dragy.

any ideas?

Not much breeze for us to get going at the start but increased on the flat off for a good beat to southern leading.

My boy pulled the jib hallard cleat off the mast in the beginning of the beat then smashed port dagger board just before finish on reach in.

Busy making stronger daggers and probably go back to central rudder.

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she has got everything for reaching and downhill. Great stuff.







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Sailed last night at Bucks rum race as a tester. Havent fitted twin rudders yet really need them, rig a little soft need pole for wing and wing otherwise had reasonable speed finished 2nd

Against who ??

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