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Foreign boat not allowed to leave.

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That is very interesting. I love the way they make changes thenspring them on some poor unsuspecting soul.

Also interesting to hear what others think of us as a destination.


Does anyone know this boat- would like to ask him a few questions.

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What changes are they making?

Seems to me they have serious concerns about this chaps boat. Its certainly not the usual course of action Customs takes. Its highly likely that there is a reason for their actions.

(disclaimer, that reason could always be an over zealous inspector)

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Why would an Immigration Officer be at all interested in stainless bolts?


I don't think the dude is giving the whole story, or if he is, I don't think he understands what's being said.


The boat may well be in an unseaworthy condition but I'm sure that if it was it'd be more than just some stainless bolts that are causing concern.

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I agree, don't believe it, story is vague, inconsistent, (read the links on that story), boat is poorly prepared, wanting to leave NZ mid winter, planning not to clear in to foreign destinations if a bond is required etc... AND 90 percent or more of the boats around use stainless bolts to fasten chain-plates.

The sort that gives cruisers a bad name :x

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Pretty sure I saw that boat at the Barrier over summer, I was pretty amazed it made the trip over.

The post on CF said he has been her 18 months so he must have arrived in summer certainly wouldn,t want to go at this time of year in a well found boat let alone one that isn't ... shall we say up to scratch :problem:

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