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Looked like Timberwolf getting a fast tow from the Coastgaurd Sat pm from South of Kawau down through Tiri Channel. There was def not rig up, but the tow looked fast.

Couldn't tell which way up they were as looking through a telescope with plenty of heat haze. Dropped rig would make a lot of sense as I doubt there was enough wind to get a hull up, let alone do a handstand (as judged by a kauri log sailor).


Tow was def fast enough to warrant a pimped tri in the correct attitude, too fast for most hull shapes and def to fast for something up side down.

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Unfortunately diamond stays broke on way back from Route 66 and mast came crashing down. Mast broken into 3 pieces and main torn to shreds. Minor damage to starboard AMA and rudder. All halyards destroyed and some rigging unusable.


Just had the best few weeks with my beloved Timberwolf we won the Te Kouma race by the distance from Shag Island to the finish and we won the Coastal Route 66 race in fine style. Our last sqaddy race on Wednesday was our best for a while and we had a nice handicap win.


Someone else needs to own this beautiful boat. Timberwolf will reward you every time you sail it.


I bought it to win the Coastal and if you want great results at a fast pace the. This is a great boat for you.


I am gutted but Timberwolf just has to go.

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Thats a real shame Tim. It sounds like you were starting to have a handle on the thing but with the recent events, Broken rudder in the coastal?, Capsizing late last year and loosing the rig this weekend I feel your need to sell. Will you be selling as hulls only?

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Timberwolf can be purchased either in As is Where is condition or if required I can build a new taller rig, fit new rigging and halyards as required, as well as fit new Main and #1 Jib.


Timberwolf will also be on view at the NZMYC Boat Show on Sunday 17th March from 9-00 til 4-00 near Team NZ base at Wynyard Quarter in the Viaduct.

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Here is the best photo I have of the most awesome boat you could ever dream of owning.


Through Timberwolf I have met some amazing friends and in Bryan Roberts a great friend who has stuck by me and the Wolf every step of the way.


This Photo shows Bryan and I competing in the last Simrad race.

As you can see I was pushing the boat far too hard, and as Tim Clissold likes to say I was "sailing it like I'd stolen it", but during the leg to Channel Island we had smoked past Charleston , Taeping and also Wired and only had 888 ahead of us.


You bet I pushed the boat hard, and sailed it in all sorts of conditions, and took it out whenever I could.

I did it because I loved it.


Timberwolf thank you for the amazing friends and awesome memories, I hope your new owner will love you just as much as I have.


Next step for me is to finish off my A Class cat and hopefully get to sail in the next Worlds being sailed off Takapuna next year.


Timberwolf is currently on the Hard Stand at Little Shoal Bay for the Winter and is available for a short time only in her current condition.

I have purchased an Extreme 40 mainsail (3DL) which has been cut down to suit and around which I will be designing and building a new carbon Hall Spars mast for Timberwolf.

The boat will be returned fully to sailing trim by next Summer.

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Yes Timberwolf is definitely still for sale


If anyone wants a quick boat very well capable of winning Division 7 in the Coastal Classic then this is the boat for you


New rig offers even better light air performance.

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Rory putting on 45 degree fill in strips
While that looks like cardboard I doubt it is. Is that brown we see a backing paper or some fancy fibre or ????


It will be good to see the green meanie racing around again.

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New mast finished cooking and now ready for fit out and painting.

There's not a lot of work to get the Wolf sailing again so anyone keen on doing this years Coastal Classic in their own ultra fast Trimaran should get in touch soon!

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