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    Does it have any weaponry or are they only allowed to engage with tersely worded emails? or a down vote on Crew.org!!!
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    I'm surprised at your comment there Kevin. I think the concept of a Logistics ship, capable of providing useful support to our Pacific neighbours in time of climatic disasters, is a good and sound one. Of course it will help to combat creeping Chinese influence on our nearest neighbours, but this will be via humanitarian support rather than overt military aggression. You make it sound like you would rather not provide this support in the interests of appeasing China. Are we that far gone that we can't choose to make our own decisions?
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    Wot next????

    It’s the daily mail... this piece has the same value as them reporting the plans my 2y old has to install a second sun. Basically pull a big number out of your arse and show some pretty pictures and add some catchy words of the Zeitgeist. It‘s diversionary click bait at its best. 450 billion??? What is it made of? 100% platinum? while the masses waste their time reading this, the thieves make off with another 100billion and steal yet more of the public estate.
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    I'd imagine she'd be dotted with a few 50 cals around the place for 'nuisance' defense (small boats etc.) I doubt she'd be fitted with a proper CIWS like Phalanx or Goalkeeper as they're pretty dear (but extremely effective.) As a force multiplying platform if she was deployed to an area of conflict she'd have a picket of frigate sized or larger warships looking after her and providing layered defense; the first casualty of any conflict would be the ships like the Aotearoa as they enable the fleet to fight. In addition, she'd carry at least one, if not two Seasprite helicopters, which have missiles capable of engaging threats outside of the ships safety envelope. Personally I like the capability this ship brings to the NZDF; long legs and the ability to support our Pacific Island neighbours in times of hardship/disaster. That she is ice strengthened is great as she can support deep south patrols of our other ships. That part of the ocean has always been difficult to police and hopefully that will change.
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    Unsurprising really. Flight deck is on the piss and there's no yellow dot to aim at.
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