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My marine insurance premium just went up 50%

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THat link comes to a dead end , 180S.


I'm currently investigating several options, in regards to 3rd party insurance (I've given up on full insurance) with a couple outfits, and will report back if successful.  


I'm also going to let Baileys know that they are getting a bad name through this - they can blame Vero, or they can find an underwriter that aren't such a bunch of idiots.

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I have my now 40 year old boat insured with Youi. No unreasonable questions asked, no survey required, happy to insure on a swing mooring, and the price seems competitive.


It looks like all insurance premiums are taking a hike though. My business insurance (through State) jumped 25% this year. No claims and it seems other companies have made similar increases. Always worth shopping around.

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Have to admit I had a couple of “ can’t find the server” when I tried , then copied and pasted the link when successful.

Have just been successful with


You do realise Mariner is just Vero's retail front?


Used to have the yacht insured with them via Aon. However after she had been in shore based storage for some years, I advised them she was going to be moved, then before launching day advised she was going to be launched. Day after launching broker called and said they wanted an out of water condition report. Told them exactly what they could do with that idea.

Moved to Baileys who initially used QBE as underwriter, then switched to Vero (seems cannot escape them).

I had a bit of bureaucracy to go thru for Offshore insurance on my 30yr old yacht, ie

Boat builder"s inspection report 

Rig inspection

Min 3 crew for passage from/to NZ and CV's to be provided

but it was not insurmountable.

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Had my bill through the other day gone from $630 a year to over$900 and less cover on the boat is well .Over 25 years old.( 1975) the rig and sails aren’t covered unless under 5 Years old .8years since we did all rigging and new sails.Have decided to suck it up as you need insurance now days.Bottom line they don’t want to insure boats over 25 years.I need to have it to be on my pile Mooring,haul out and access to marinas you basically can’t do without it.Thing to remember with having 3rd party is its a bummer to lose your boat but are they going to pay for the removal of your wreck which could cost thousands

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I haven't been able to find insurance that does 3rd party only.

Boat launched 2015 after 100% re-build.

Mainstream casino's won't insure me 'cos i did it myself.

Neil sorted it initially. Wonder if still stands now they are Vero.

Obviously not going to insure for replacement.

Started at 100k, 70k, 50k, owing to cost,  and now can't insure for any less or straight out third party.

They have an answer for everything.

Guess I'll have to get a survey?

And, as in the building industry, unless staged inspections are done during build

it probably won't be worth the paper.

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