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Auckland Regatta

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Especially if we combine our powers and get the Cordite hooked up as well.....

Really looking forward to the regatta, we just need more small boats to come and play or there is not much point going out....

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I just wonder why the courses need to be so secret, at this point we are not bothering with the Friday as we don't know where the race will start, or how long it will be so cannot organise the crew, probably will also skip the Saturday function as we have no idea where or when we will finish racing so can't organise transport.


I know it is our problem for not being a Bucks or Westhaven boat but it could be worked around if we knew what was happening

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Hi guys


Courses and start times etc arent being kept a secret. However the sailing instructions are being done as we speak. Like most clubs lately we are pulling together all the man power we can (Which is harder than in previous years). And trying to do it all on a budget.

The race on Friday will have two starts - one from each club. i.e. for you Craig there is a start off Karaka light. 4:00 start and a harbour course.


The saturday and sunday will be windward leewards following a similar time frame to previous years.


Will stick more info up as it comes. At this stage we need people to enter so we can get the division splits correct - no entries means bigger division splits sadly...

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sounds like a catch 22.

dont want to enter if dont know the courses or splits, wont know those until people enter....


Hey marshy, do you know who the 8.5s will be sharing a course with?

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What a balls up having 3 national champs, R930, F1020 and 8.5 multihulls clashing on the same weekend as the regatta.....


what do you mean?


Well I (and many others) would do the Ross 930, F1020 and 8.5 nationals if I could but sadly they are all on the same weekend which is also Auckland regatta. I know they are trying to 'support' the regatta but in my mind its just a clash....

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Not really a catch 22. The Notice of race is out and that specifies the divisions the regatta is trying for.

Likewise the notice of race has a schedule - including:

"The Friday Race will begin at 1600hrs from each club and will be a harbour course"


and also:

"The Scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race on Saturday and Sunday is 0955hrs"


If there are enough entries the divisions will stay as specified. But as it says in 3.9 - "The OA reserves the right to determine the final divisional structure"


So the information is all there as it should be in the notice of race. Just gotta look for it!


The Current Entry list is here: http://www.aucklandregatta.co.nz/Regatt ... +List.html

Its a bit like those that say im not entering because there is no one entered yet - Take a leaf from Motorboat's book, get entered and encourage more people to enter, if we all sit around waiting for someone else to enter first no one will sail!

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I have also entered as no matter where we get sent we will make sure we arrive, but so far the rumour mill has us racing off Browns Bay (a long way from Pine Harbour) and doing a harbour course that will finished at northern leading light (also a long way from Pine Harbour. I have also heard that classes doing their nationals will not be doing harbour courses.


None of which I can confirm or deny to the crew. Good to know the Friday start is Karaka as we had heard it was off the yacht club as part of the normal rum race.

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Yeah the friday race was going to be off Graingers point but the tide is wrong so we moved it, and the friday rum race to the end of the river.


Certainly no intention that i have heard of running races off Browns bay, Nor a harbour course finishing at northern leading...

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