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ANZ Sail Fiji

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Here is the latest promo. There should be a vid by Josh at the bottom, but it's lost in the conversion for this site! I've added it underneath..

Fiji Race.jpg

Here is Josh's Vid

Sorry, can't seem to get embedding working this morning...


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I will be there on the Crusader. We did our qualifier sun/mon and had a pretty epic ride home monday morning!

Got some good footage of it as well.



Looks to be a fantastic fleet this time around, plenty of competition in the mid sized boats.

Bring it on.

Snapshot 1 (7-05-2014 11-34 a.m.).jpg

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if you can't participate in reality in the ANZ Sail Fiji 2014 but fancy your chances as a virtual navigator, why not join Sailonline's fleet. Registration and pre-race practice is already open so there is plenty of time to come to grips with the finer points of what might be considered the most true-to-life virtual sailing navsim on the planet right now!!




Sailonline will be sailing the polar of the NZ Sailing Trust's Steinlager 2 which is also competing in the real race so... a truly direct comparison of strategy/tactics is possible this time!!


Remember, Sailonline is free to play!!


See you there, I hope :-)

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2 sleeps to go till the start. Everyone at the briefing were excited and looking forward to an epic fiji race and there are a few characters in the mix that will ensure its going to be a good time.


Hope there isnt another movie called beat beat beat.

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