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30ft-ish offshore-capable cruiser/racer?

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Hello again ye olde fount of nautical wisdom. I am once again seeking your advice as I've reached a dead end in my search for a new boat. I was oh-so-close to buying a Chico 30, until the seller went and sold it to someone else the day before I was going to have it surveyed! I've been trawling TradeMe for what feels like months, and have just about lost the will to live - I just can't find ANYTHING that floats my boat, so to speak. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I'm even willing to buy overseas and sail it back if I can get something for the right price in the Tropics or Aussie, even the US (probably not Europe - not sure I could really justify that much time off work!)


Here's my wish list:

  • Budget $30k ideal, $35k MAX
  • 30 foot (ish)
  • Offshore capable (not looking to take it offshore, but want to be able to do some serious coastal cruising and not have to run for port at the first sign of a gale, and obviously if I buy overseas I'll need to get it home!)
  • Not a complete shitter - capable of at least keeping up with the average Wednesday night crowd here in Opua. I mean I don't mind coming in after the E5.9s, but I don't want a WetSnail or anything...
  • Good resale value - not an oddball or one-off - I'll more than likely be looking to upgrade to a bigger blue water boat within 3 years so I want to be reasonably sure I'll get back more-or-less what I pay for it.
  • Separate head, i.e. fully enclosed behind a DOOR, not a curtain (seriously guys, my days of being able to smell someone else's every bowel movement are well and truly over!)
  • Decent double v-berth (bow-chicka-wow-wow...) ;)
  • GRP preferably - see point re. resale value...
  • NO teak decks
  • NO DIY projects (I had enough of them with my last boat...)
  • Decent rig and deck gear, i.e. furler, self-tailing winches, etc.
  • Reasonably new engine (already been through the exercise of installing a new one in my old boat - would rather not do it again)
  • Will compromise on stuff that can be upgraded within budget, i.e. crappy deck gear, teak decks, engine etc... But not on stuff that can't be easily changed, e.g. interior layout, resale value, etc.


I'm sure there are plenty of overseas boats that I'm not even considering because I'm not even aware of them. But I feel like I've exhausted all of the Kiwi possibilities. A nicely upgraded Chico 30 without teak decks is the closest I've come to finding something that ticks all the boxes. What am I overlooking?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! :thumbup:

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Lotus 9.2? Marauder? - These will defiantly handle the storms and nice boats to sail.


Its going to be hard to find a 30 foot boat with a new (ish) motor for just $35k. I sold my Marauder recently for $35k with a brand new motor.


I do like BS one. Nice boat :thumbup:

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Find the best condition boat that suits, and borrow the difference, it will be cheaper in the long run. Plus you wont have to work on it (as much!) I found out the hard way.


Yes :thumbup:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, but I literally have considered everything on trademe, and can't find anything that suits. Anyone have any suggestions from outside of TM? Broker listings? Overseas boats? Know someone who knows someone??

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Dave I did briefly consider that D35, but figured it would likely be pretty run down at that price? I think there's a lot to be said for buying the best example of a cheaper/smaller boat, rather than the worst example of a more expensive design! :D

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  • Whiting 29... Maybe?
  • Lotus 9.2/Marauder - storms, really?? Had seriously considered both of these but dismissed them due to concerns over seaworthiness. Perhaps unfounded?
  • Ross 930 - I won't even dignify that with a response KM... ;)
  • D28 - too small
  • D35 - too big! Well, too expensive, or too run down within budget? Would love a D35 actually but that's my concern - anything within my budget will need too much work.
  • Lidgard 30 - already looked at this one, hate the layout.
  • Raven 31 - again too far outside budget for a decent one, and also not sure about seaworthiness?


I also seriously considered a Farr 9.2 as I had my eye on one of those before I bought my last boat, but again, would you want to be on one in a storm? Not sure I would... Nice boats though - tick all the other boxes.

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