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Single handed sailing

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The Opening Weekend


Every competitor who has entered the series, and who competes in the first race, will be presented with a limited edition Solo IQ Series technical shirt. The BBQ on the night of the 10th is complementary and Aon have sponsored a limited happy hour at Yogis Bar. Fairway Bay Marina is a great social venue, not to far out of town so that friends and family can drive up, have a tipple or two, stay on the yacht and not have to worry about driving home. A cafe right on the marina doorstep, that I believe serves a mean breakfast the next morning and a local farmers market that kicks off an hour before the competitors have to leave the dock for race two . Berthage for the night of the 10th is included in the entry fee.

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For those not on Facebook...


Cory's new boat. Transat 650.

Will be making an apearance on the 10th for the first race


She is looking mean!


Lets hope for some nice downwind sailing so we can see what she is capable of!image.jpg

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Excellent !


I read that too, reaching and rum will surely be in great supply. And no crew to share either with !

And reaching you will be (for the rum of course!) ????


It will be good to see that blue bus out there! Good on you both!


Competitor profiles are on soloiq.org.nz website!!!!

More being loaded whenever our resident website guru (aka Cool Volunteer Change) gets a chance!

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Yeah, the competitor profiles are a good idea and generate some interest. I'm surprised that Andrew has a  gimp room in the bow of his boat. 


Also looking at Ray on Scarlet Fever, I was nt aware he was a double amputee.

Thats the only way of slowing Ray down! (And taking all of the kites off of him!)


As far as Andrew's gimp room goes.... Well, I dont want to say too much... I does have something to do with rum, single handed sailing and/or Durepox fumes... I have been told that he giggled like a girl when the image was taken...

He has since almost nearly totaly fully recovered and plans on flying kites up wind! (His words...)

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