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Single handed sailing

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Who's a goer for this? First weekend is a two race escape to Fairway Bay for a happy hour, feed and farmer market day breakfast followed by a race back to Orakei. Ponsonby CC running these two races.

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Well it's not like I'm sitting around dreaming about being out - I mean, I'm out racing at least once a fortnight.  Just not on my own boat.  Which is cheaper.  Really, until I want to go single handed or take the kids cruising in the summer, I'm winning :-)


So Ray, how much for BB?  I hear Scarlet Fever is going out ;-) 

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Race 1; The Ponsonby Cruising Club Gulf Harbour Challenge - Saturday 10th October 2015


This is an addition to the series this year allowing the fleet to come together at the end of Race 1 in the shelter of the beautiful Fairway Bay inside the Gulf Harbour Marina. The start area has been set at Orakei to make it easier for participants not based at Westhaven. A highlight of the this event will be a sponsored happy hour, or two, and the presentation of specialty, limited edition, series shirts, to all series entrants. The facilities at Fairway Bay will provide a brilliant setting for a happy hour and barbecue dinner. A highlight on Sunday morning will be visiting the local farmers market, held at Fairway Bay.


Race 2 will start on the Sunday at mid-day.

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NOR and other race docs for the SoloIQ are up: 




Check out the SoloIQ website and facebook for news:





This year the series is a single fee, no need to individually enter all of the races. Nice to see BooBoo getting in on the action!

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Well well well

Here we go again!!!

Little red tortoise will be there this year too!

It would be nice to see a few more small boats out there! There is solo and than there is SOLO... All of the big boys bugger off quite quickly so it would be nice to have another small boat to go against!!!

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The way this is going we could end up calling this "H pier challenge"!

How many people can we get to join us at the start line!!!!


Now, everybody bring a buddy!!!! (Buddy needs to turn up on his own boat!)

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