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CREW WANTED - racing and cruising in Auckland

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Hello sailors,


I recently bought a share in a 40ft Catalina, Nomos, and sailed her up from Wellington to Auckland. Now I need you to help me race her!


Based in Westhaven Nomos is a cruiser-racer, well equipped and in good condition. She's not a racing machine, but she sails really well, is comfortable and with a good crew she can win.


If you have some racing experience, want to race for fun and make new friends please join me!


I am looking at racing on Saturdays from the RNZYS and would be open to mid-week racing.

I will ask for a participation of $25 to a crew fund to keep her going.


And if we get along well I would love you to join me for some cruising over the summer to make the most of our beautiful environment!


Drop me a line if interested!



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I have a brilliant crew who run a contribution scheme through one of the crew - $10 a race, not compulsory and certainly unsolicited by me. When we blow a kite or whatever, their contributions pay for most if not all the repairs and the money just arrives.


Am aware that some put in more, some less, whatever they can afford at the time. Can't appreciate them and their philosophy enough and it is part of why we get on so well and have a great time regardless of results. Some of them have been crewing for me for over 15 years and average age probably 60 - the young bowman is 38. And we always have enough beer although with around 12 crew sometimes a dozen doesn't go far. 

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This has been spoken about a few times in the past:






I'm yet to encounter a boat owner who's asked for an ongoing contribution - there have been times when I've offered to chip in after a breakage, especially if it was a f-up, I can't actually recall any request or someone taking me up on this offer and if I'm honest, for this, they've probably garnered my loyalty and devotion to work harder/better etc.


The usual contribution that I was brought up with, and therefore assumption as a crew member, was that you work your butt off a couple of times a year helping out with maintenance - so, haul-out, sanding, painting, cleaning etc,  

On the other hand, I know the point at which the grandfather decided he'd had enough was when he'd given notice of the haul-out and next to no-one turned up - that was the end for them as a crew.


This has resulted in my factoring of boat ownership being that if I want to race, I assume the cost of campaigning is entirely my own.  Buying a round at the end of the race is my way of saying thank you to the crew for helping me enjoy racing my boat.  It's expensive campaigning, but there are people who want to race their boats and struggle to find crew.


Saying that, if all the crew bring in occasional contributions of booze and food as well as buying a round or two, this makes everyone happy (and well fed) As a result, I have as a crew member, many years benefited from free sailing and racing at a cost of up to $30 a week buying my round (depending on crew size)  


I think this is a defining part of our sailing culture.  I like it.  It works.  I'll still grumble when it comes time to anti-foul. 

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Hi all

I raced in Wellington for 20 years and always contributed to a crew fund on a per race basis for all the boats I raced on. The fund covers race entry fees, extra insurance premium for racing, fuel and general upkeep of the boat, and indeed contributes to torn spinnakers and other breakages that always occur on the boat (well at least in Wellington!) I am interested to hear back if this is not common practice in Auckland, and hoping it is not too much of a barrier to keen sailors to join in and race on Nomos. I like the idea of people contributing what they can if they feel it is too much... what I want is a great crew after all.

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Our crew's a bit like T's.  Nothing said, but every now and then someone quietly slips us a wad of cash.."to help out",  and it's sometimes been a substantial wad!  It certainly helps after you've had one of "those days".  Part of being a crew that really enjoys sailing together whatever the results.

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My feeling is, if you're trying to put a crew together from scratch, using an online advertisement on a forum that you're new to, and you ask for a contribution, unless you have something to offer that others don't, you're likely to limit yourself to new sailors and people who can't get a spot on other boats.


With contributions not being that common, and with plenty of owners looking for crew, if potential crew are essentially just choosing from a list of boats with very little other information, then I suspect they'll choose the one they don't have to pay for.


I race on other boats, and occasionally race my own, and it's pretty common for crew to bring some drinks etc, but as an owner I'd value reliability, and help with maintenance etc, over $25.  And if money was tight to the point of needing a contribution, I'd consider wearing the cost for a season, then at the start of next season saying, I'd love to have you all back, but could use a few $$ to help with costs.

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Hi M,

Practices are pretty much like we have on DF---contributions made in provision of help around anti fouling etc , refreshments (and we need a lot with a big crew and relaxed approach ) and just by being there --when we do long races the crew provide all food etc and don't allow me to pay any share and so forth --major yachting expenses are mine as l have chosen to do this and l could opt out but l/we have such good fun (the DF crew are the old " V team" crew as some of you know ) and learn so much , even if following the fleet .

Looks like l will need to come on here to get another crew member as it looks like l will be loosing a very good (member of the crew !!!!!!


As an aside l have obtained almost 60% of my crew from crew.org this so its a good source !!!

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Hi A and Duty Free, Black Panther, Raz 88 and Chippie, 


thanks for your advice. Obviously I am still new to the Auckland scene and learning! I want to get my boat out, get her sailing, and make sure everyone has a good time.  So all welcome, forget about crew funds, we will deal with hard days and maintenance chores as they occur.

In the meantime, you are all welcome on board! 

A, thank you for being so welcoming on Duty Free. I can see Nomos and DF be sister ships racing and cruising throughout the summer and making the most of it!

Thanks again for all your advice.

In the meantime if you are reading all this and keen to crew, drop me a line!

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I've sailed on boats where the crew "put money in a jar", depending on what they could afford at the time (or if something was needing repair) after every race and always turned up with drinks and snacks to share. I've paid race entry fees, helped with maintenance or offered to give the skipper a few bucks but never been told that it's a pre-requiste for going sailing.  As a skipper I never expect anyone to contribute financially, even as I watch yet another winch handle fly overboard - I'm just happy to be sharing something I love with others but I'll never say no to that dozen beers or occasional bottle of rum either.


I have a feeling that asking for a regular contribution and setting an amount would be a "fee or fare" and then the rules change as all of a sudden you've become a commercial vessel specially if something goes wrong. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong about that.

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Hi Nomos8471,


I'm a french guy (25 years old) arrived in auckland two weeks ago and I'm really keen to race with you if you still looking for a crew. I have been racing a lot in France those past few years and sailing since I was a child.


Tell me if your interested. Here's my number 0223772580





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