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2015 Crew.org Rum Race

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Entries ast at 15:30, Dec 21 (49 entries)


Sundreamer,  really fast cat
The Entertainer,  Ross 930
Ma'ara,  Dufour 525 Grand Large SS
Black Panther,  Schooner 63
Euphoria,  GBE
Slippery Beaver,  Yachting World Diamond
Freedom,  Open 8.5 - GBE
Sparta,  KD650
Patiko,  Stewart 34
Double Bruyn,  Seidelmann 37
Anarchy,  YD37
Hyperactive,  Elliott 7
Rocklobster,  Stratus 747
Truxton,  custom gulf cruiser ss
Urban Cowboy,  Ross 40
No Worries,  Ross 930
Unitec II,  Elliot 8.5
Promise,  Stewart 34
Sun Fast 3600 Racing,  Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600
Valium,  Vickers 10.6
Namu,  NZ37
SEAKAR,  Davidson 28
Plan B,  GBE
Team Sex,  Magic 25
Enigma,  Magic 25
Duty Free,  Farr 1220
Transformer,  Elliott
Heaven 'n' Hell,  Young 88
Extreme,  Young Rocket
Cool Change,  Ross 850
TAKAHOA,  Townson 32
Crocodile,  Elliott 770
Timberwolf,  Tri
Atomic,  Thompson 750
Farrago II,  Farr 11.6
Palmyra,  Stewart 34
Time Out,  Young 88
Force Eleven,  K 156
Elliphunk,  Elliott 935
Kristina,  Young 88
Scarlet Fever,  Ross 930
Princess,  Stewart 34
Taeping,  Catamaran
Shrek's House,  Colson 9.7
Pionnier,  Stewart 34
In Two Deep,  A Class Cat
Predator,  Beale 9m
Prince Hal,  Stewart 34


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First I should apologise.  Setting the course and times is very dependent upon the weather and the only thing I'm certain of with the weather is it won't do what I'm guessing.


That said, best guess is a north easterly kicking in later in the afternoon of around 15kts which should be just about perfect for a pre Christmas romp around the buoys with friends.  It will be very light earlier so we're hoping that doesn't hang around long.


This year we will have two courses, an 8.9nm course for the slower boats and 11.3nm for the quicker guys.



8.9nm:  From the start round Orakei Buoy to port, Rough Rock Buoy to port to the finish.


11.3nm:  From the start rounding Orakei to port, Saltworks buoy to port to the finish.



Both the start and finish lines are defined as a line from Westhaven tower to the outer distance mark (ODM).


Note that boats finishing to the north of ODM will be scored DNF.

Start times shall be signalled with number boards on the tower and we will endeavour to broadcast each start time on VHF ch77.  We expect to coordinate start times using GPS time so starting on your GPS time should work well.


Be aware people you are sailing under Collregs which do require a higher degree of caution while navigating in close proximity to other vessels.  There are also insurance implications so if close to other vessels, throttle back the racing enthusiasm, no one wants a damaged boat just before their Christmas cruise.


Any questions, please email me at mmulcare@xtra.co.nz


Start times, as at 14:00, Tuesday 22 December



8.9nm course :


17:45 Slippery Beaver
17:48 Rock Lobster
17:50 Seakar
17:54 Timeout
17:56 Hyperactive
17:58 Takahoa
17:58 Crocodile
17:58 Double Bruyn
17:59 Cool Change
17:59 Kristina
18:00 Palmyra
18:00 Patiko
18:01 Unitec II
18:03 Space Station
18:03 Scarlet Fever
18:04 Predator
18:04 Heaven And Hell

18:04 Sailor Moon
18:05 Clever Choice
18:05 Elliphunk
18:05 Duty Free
18:05 Kia Kaha
18:05 Nomos
18:05 Prince Hal
18:05 Princess
18:07 Shrek's House
18:08 Promise
18:08 The Entertainer
18:08 No Worries
18:09 Pionnier
18:09 Fast Company
18:09 Farrago II
18:10 Namu
18:10 Sparta
18:10 Enigma I
18:10 Team Sex
18:12 Atomic



11.2nm course :


17:45 Black Panther
17:49 Extreme
17:48 Valium
17:49 Truxton
17:50 Ma'ara
17:50 Transformer
17:51 Sunfast 3600 Racing
17:55 Force Eleven
17:55 Higher Ground
17:56 Urban Cowboy
17:57 Euphoria
17:57 Plan-B
18:01 Mojo
18:04 Anarchy
18:08 NZL 255
18:08 In Two Deep
18:08 Freedom
18:18 Sundreamer
18:21 Timberwolf
18:28 Taeping

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Hi Taylor


The boat will be at the mast gantry at Westhaven (end of the breakwater where all the YCs are) from about early afternoon, turn up no later than five. As the owner I'm not supplying food or drink, but if nobody brings anything I don't care either. There are $10? meals at the YC after plus cheap drinks.

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