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Round North Island, 2 Handed ---2017

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Read it for the second time. Nice write up Vesna! Good to see we weren't the only ones finding holes! You had us really worried coming out of Wellington. Beast of a boat when it all goes wrong. Big ups to both of you!

The screen shots of the tracker are a great Idea and I wish I had grabbed a few before it disappeared off the web.

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You are missing the point!!!!.

Ok KM seeing as it was only Splash Princes and myself plus inport helpers than ran this entire event with help from the SSANZ committee at some points plus from afar

Your on,

No wimping out and saying your doing it, first you need to cut the grass free from your hull and put it in the briny, but that's no excuses either

Your now the offical SSANZ typed media corrrespondant from on and off the water

Don't know how my liver will cope with two weeks on the road together but it will just have to man up and cope or hopefully you will enter then it will just be the stoppovers that will be pushing me to an early grave.

146 weeks to go so as Changed said get down to your boat tomorrow and start getting ready, most aren't, but the few the excel are.

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Haha. Damn those marinas. She fits into a 12M berth easy. Just a small bit of prod poking out, but they are so anal about this sort of thing, and always out for the dollars.

Some nice alternatives selling at the moment. Fineline, Squealer, The guarantee. You are spoiled for choice, all at good prices too!

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Have been thinking more about the media aspects and was initially reluctant to post because the volunteers are well meaning folks and could feel understandably unappreciated.

As participants, we were asked to send info through. But it was a bit hard at times with sailing, eating, napping, logging scheds, downloading the weather which is not the easiest task by Sat phone, guessing whereabouts of other boats and some thinking about tactics. There's dealing with breakages, hitting stuff and avoiding other boats and hazards. There's also staying alive and for some of us, staying married...


There's not much time for anything else. While it is ideal for the participants to provide a little something, a professional media/comms person with experience with sailing would look at the boat positions and do some writing (some of it may have needed to be a little creative :-)). They would interview participants at the stop overs, maybe even send a text while we are all sailing and prompt a reply or a picture when there is reception.

Also, linking with all our yacht clubs and their Facebook sites or websites etc could have been achieved.

With a professional media, PR person behind it all, anything that our good volunteers do to post stuff on Facebook and the website is additional to someone with PR/Comms and sailing experience who would be across it and wordsmith stories to increase engagement. Plus there's less chance of forgetting to acknowledge a great result in any one of the legs etc. There's enough for SSANZ to do keeping an eye on everyone (I can't imagine Jon's blood pressure during this time).

Perhaps a small increase in participation fees or SSANZ investing a bit of coin into professional PR management for a short period of time would more than pay for itself in PR, marketing, brand identification and increasing engagement for the participants and everyone who follows it.  

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Interesting discussion - I agree with comments re Boating NZ poor coverage- I dont subscribe anymore. Also Im not a facecloth user, however seems to be any coverage is


Sunfast boys - really enjoyed your video! Excellent. How many pigs were killed for the making of the video (bacon butties)?


Dr Dave

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Yes I was also wondering about the supply of pigs left in the country.


Keep on with this as it's gold


From SSANZ perspective investing your entry fees in a PR consultant when the race is fully subscribed isn't a great investment, we have tried this in the past and it didn't workout too well

What we really need is an enthusiastic supporter, with the gift of the gab and can translate this into print


Another thing to consider is an extra say $300 per yacht wouldn't make a bit of difference to a top end campaign but what makes this race special and something we really want to maintain is it's for everyone

The majority of entrants are out to sail around the island first and formostly, if they end up with their name on a trophy, that's just a bonus


Keep it coming

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Was more thinking Live Sail Die who SSANZ seem to have a relationship with. Logo on the website. They seem to do a good job. Needs a bit more than enthusiast though as a professional would have remembered to touch base with Boating NZ and get something drafted to them even before the race with results as they fell to meet the deadlines. Josh and Damon were smart and good on them.

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Getting someone to cover a one day event is quite easy

For the RNI you need someone for a month, the race only takes 16 to 18 days but with the build up then wrap up plus prize giving your talking 25 to 30 days non stop.

Sure it may only take half an hour to write something everyday but gathering that info and getting it out is what takes the time

Leg two finish I got 3 hours sleep in the two days it took the fleet to finish (but I did find out that craft beer is as good as sleep on the beer tour)

To get the good oil you really need to catch the sailors as the hit the dock (think the LSD Skinner video)


The more I think about it to pay the likes of LSD to cover the entire event you would be talking 50 to 100 % increase in the entry fee.

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RNI was on 6 o'clock news

Also 3 local newspapers plus YNZ news, these all contacted me for updates during the race.

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