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Round North Island, 2 Handed ---2017

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Race Entries: 2017 Two Handed Round North Island Race


25 February 2017

Yacht Name Yacht Design


Activator Hauraki 45

Arbitare Farr 38

Blink Shaw 12

Celadon Elliott 1650

Cool Change Ross 850

Hupane Class 40

Ilex Wilson

Jet Farr 1020

Krakatoa II Pogo 40

Laissez-faire. Beneteau Oceanis 60

Marshall Law Ross 40

Miss Scarlet RP52

Oracle Nelson 32

Pahi Stewart 34

Provincial Cowboy Ross 40

Ran Tan ll Elliott 50

Rigmarole Mull 9.5

Satellite Spy Ross 40

Spearhead Elliott 1050

Squealer Elliott 10.5

Sun Fast 3600 Racing Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600

The Guarantee Ross 10.66

Titanium Stomp 38

Truxton Tiller 35

Vela Via Elan

Wedgetail Welbourn 42

Zenith Dickson

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Few names missing from that list that were supposed to be doing it. Even some that have been profiled on the rni Facebook page I think. Suppose that goes to show how hard it is to get ready and get to the start line.


Cool fleet though, I'm looking forward to following the race!

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yes Oracle is almost set to go round again, last did this race in 2008. I unfortunately had to replace my boat partner Bob, he had rather bad kidney stones over the xmas break and is now not fit to sail. just last week i met Max Cross, and he is now to race with us.  Last weekend we redid our qualifying miles, left friday evening with a fantastic spinnaker run straight out past great barrier for 100nm (hitting 12.6 top speed in 18 knots true.), turned left to the bay of island hit them and turned left again to sail upwind back to auckland. 259 nm in total. 

looking forward to the race now.


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Sailonline's Virtual RNI - if you can't get into the race yourself, why not join in with our buddied-with-SSANZ virtual event?  An ideal opportunity to hone those routing skills!




Once every three years, sailors have the opportunity to pit their courage, their skill and their competitive natures in a race around New Zealand’s North Island.  This is not an event for the faint-hearted –racing left-about the North Island, and contending with the swirl of the Southern Oceans mixing with the Pacific and the challenge of navigating the Cook Strait, where these waters are funnelled between North and South Islands.  WX systems accompany these often turbulent waters, making Sailonline’s virtual event, using wind grib forecasts from NOAA downloaded four times a day and released into the game in 10 minute pieces, a truly realistic navigation challenge. 


Sailonline is delighted to be racing the Virtual RNI for the third time in association with SSANZ and looks forward to sharing in the reports and tales of how the race pans out.  The race will start from Auckland, at 0100utc on 25 February 2017 and Sailonline’s virtual event will be available for preview from 21 February and registration will open for pre-race practice on 22 February.




The real race has a formula by which race legs will open (after the initial one) which is explained here.


PLEASE NOTE:  Sailonline will be competing as closely as is virtually possible with the real yachts but will at all times give a minimum of 24hrs notice of a start time.  It is intended to close each leg promptly, in harmony with the real race, but there will be some allowance here.  The aim is for the overlap between legs of the virtual race to not exceed 24hrs.  As always, race ranking will be your position at race close for each leg.  









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Yeah its sure looking like a driftathon. Should be some sea breeze in the afternoon I hope before the light SW fills in.

The sunfast is fully loaded and ready to go now. Been a big few weeks of race prep! Now looking forward to getting out there.

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Forecast is looking slightly better this morning but still a bit slow


If your coming out on the water to watch the start please give the yachts plenty of room as with a incoming tide and little wind plus being two handed they are going to have enough on without dodging spectators


If you want a good view from on land then come out onto Devonport Wharf, lots of room but the Navy guns are very loud

You should be able to watch the start on the Wharf then walk up to north head to have the fleet sail past below you

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