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Round North Island, 2 Handed ---2017

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Nice discussion here!!


I agree with what Jon appears to be saying above. Others kept in touch. Boating NZ is a business. The model is meant to be "Write interesting stories that the NZ boating public want to read, increase readers, attract advertisers". They fell over at the first hurdle because they were lazy and had no-one reporting on what is a big race in NZ terms. Josh and Damon are Pros and made sure their story was heard. It was the same prep and attention to detail that won them the race. No argument there. 


The issue is lazy journalism on the part of Boating NZ.


If there was some way of getting Live Sail Die on board for the whole race, then you know coverage would be awesome!! Imagine Drones covering Wellington Harbour entrance!! Especially for when the fleet left! (Huh Vesna? :-) ) I have no idea how that could all be paid for, I just know that they would be the people who could get it done! 


Jon, I have no idea how you keep your enthusiasm levels so high? Maybe it is just waiting to see another Skinner type video that keeps you going. Huge job you do mate and much appreciated.


For those who haven't seen it, this is gold, even if we were the butt of the joke: 


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