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Composite gas bottles

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Check BP on Jarvis Rd. I got a 4 kg filled there in Feb. we used to fill 9 kg bottles from 45 kg bottles all the time on Great Barrier (As suggested 45 kg bottle upside down, 9 kg bottle on scales - once pressure equalises, open venting value on 9 kg till weight obtained or liquid comes out)

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This is now a 6 year old topic, does anyone know if there been any updates on composite cylinders in NZ since then?

I need two new cylinders and was looking at aluminium but the 5kg Aluminium is 418mm high... 20mm too tall to fit in my locker... And I am uncomfortable with the brass valve fitted to an Aluminium bottle in the marine environmnet.

The 5 kg Composite bottle is 384 high and will fit nicely. https://www.southernseasmarine.com.au/yacht-boat-non-rusting-lightweight-composite-gas-lpg-cylinder


The approval process and the marking requirements for such cylinders are slightly different. Hexagon Ragasco has, for example, UN/ISO approval in New Zealand. Both pi-marked and locally approved valves are available for these cylinders, depending on the market/country. Valve design must always be approved by Hexagon Ragasco. Several standards have been developed to establish filling inspection and retesting procedures and criteria, which are referenced in ADR/RID:

  • EN 1439 – Procedures for checking LPG cylinders before, during and after filling
  • EN 16728 – Transportable refillable LPG cylinders other than traditional welded and brazed steel cylinders – Periodic inspection
  • ISO 24431 – Cylinders for compressed and liquefied gases (excluding acetylene) – Inspection at time of filling
  • ISO 11623 – Periodic inspection and testing of composite gas cylinders
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