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Is it right that if we are in nz along with some other countries then we cannot use the app to watch the cup

? Only graphics? Wtf

Does anyone know why that is and then does anyone know where it can be watched.

..happy to pay just need to do it on mobile device. Thanks for any info

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That is my understanding.

Sky have the NZ rights.

I checked up on this on  the 'official AC website' the other night.


If you know of a friend or family member with Sky Go, and have good internet connection, you are sorted, as I am. Use their log on at your place (assuming they aren't using it)

I'm sure there are work arounds to get pirate coverage from other geographic regions. I know people who watch the rugby like that, if you can be bothered (are are comfortable pirating content, some aren't, even if its Larry / Russel)...

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You could of course buy sky, but they just dropped their 'per event' subscription package, so you have to sign up for a year or what ever...

can't see it happening really...

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Most of the racing is on between 5am and 7am NZ time.


You can get a Sky Fan Pass, $20 for one week, gets access to sky sports channels 1-4, so looks like you can watch some racing that way, if you feel like it.

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That's what they were advertising last night.


I did hear they were putting the price up. I thought they had already as didn't think those current rates were all that cheap. Would have bone $20 / week, won't do $100 for anything.

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Neither, I'll go down to the Squadron and watch what I can with a bacon butty


Slap on some sunscreen, order French fries with it, and you'll feel like you were there :)


Seriously, a question tho' - will they admit anyone or does one have to be a member. I quite like bacon butties and have a list of places around town where they can be obtained. Didn't know Squadron was in the game.

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