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Carbon Fibre Sheet

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I’ve brought it for that purpose off Hurricane Rigging in Wellington before, they have a water jet cutter and cut it to shape for you. I think MG composites, also in welly lay it up.

It’s actually fibreglass with a carbon twill on top - same difference for backing plates.

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OK, id like to buy some carbon sheet, say 2mm, to use as backing plates for replacing instruments, when the cutouts are wrong, to big etc. 

anyone know where I can buy some?




Arts and craft supply shops sell it for about $20 per A4 sheet, or you can buy it online.


Googles your friend



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That would be great KM. maybe a couple of bits, say 500 x 400 should last me a while! Let me know how much. Glass with carbon front would be fine.

Matt, I brought some from eBay, I have a sheet I no longer need (2mm) happy to pass it on. 

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