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What's this boat

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Lot of boat for the money!

I thought so to, but that is the starting price in auction, not the asking price.

Draws 4.2 m, good luck finding somewhere to park that... Won't fit up the Weiti, that's for sure :-(

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And he's asking very nicely...

Making it clear it needs to be sold.

The holding costs on a 70+ footer with a 4.2 m draft wont be insignificant, i.e. just parking it. A marina monthly rate would be traumatising, and finding a mooring with that draft ans swing room would be problematic (although not impossible)

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We've been cruising with NV in Tonga and Fiji and shes a cool boat if you like going fast!


Even with the 4.2m draft they made it into almost all the anchorages we did with our 44ft Cat.


The boat has a mooring in Opua which seems pretty reasonably priced and is on the Westhaven pile moorings till they are removed.

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Fish - it is only 1.65M draft with the keel up!


Thanks JK,

I was refering to the NV, in the trademe listing posted by raz88. Fairly sure thats not swing or lifting keel, otherwise they would have mentioned it

A boat with a swing keel and the good sailing performance of the Finot Conq (as per this thread) of the Pogo's etc would be my ideal boat. Excellent sailing performance, parking close in at anchor, and cheap moorings available with shallow draft. Alas, even winning Lotto is unlikely to cover the purchase price of a new one of those, so I'll have to settle for the old kauri log I've already got, fixed keel and all....

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Certainly seems like a case where buying it is the cheap bit, you would need a maintenance budge substantially larger than the purchase price suggests you can afford, at which point maybe the interior is not as comfortable as you could afford elsewhere.... Could be a hard sell even at what seems a very low price for that much boat.

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On 24/10/2019 at 9:04 PM, Island Time said:

I like the look of this. Anyone know what design she is? Currently on the hard at gulf harbour.


Her replacement, designed by Roger Hill. Slightly more cruisey (not by much tho) version of Kotuku and Cation

Looks like original plan to build her here did not work out 


the guy must love his green!


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