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apache cat

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Built for speed while being spacious and comfortable to live aboard, the boat (originally named Isis) with bright red hulls was launched in 2004 and regarded as a build ahead of her time, showcasing numerous attributes of a designer keenly in tune with high-profile racing yachts of the day.





As for what Apache’s future holds, there’s plenty of family cruising on the horizon in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and possibly a Coastal Classic or two.

But if there’s one thing that you can be sure of, there’s no way they’ll be going anywhere slowly.



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interesting rig changes


“We’ve made some good weight gains in the rig by replacing the nitronic rod forestay with a Future Fibre torsional cable and fitting EC6 carbon/titanium standing rigging, both supplied by Southern Spars.

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i had thought kotuku(RH60'?) + cation(RH60') were nz's closest to gunboat






certainly got the looks


but i hear apache would be a better comparison, at least on power to weight ratio?

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I was impressed at how all the big crusing Multis pushed this year. Kotuku came passed us on Lucifer (8.5m Tri) at Rangi light with the Genny on and flying a hull. And it wasn't "flying a hull while bearing away" it was "flying a hull and just leaning on it" 


Romanza did a huge catchup job to finish within sight of the other big multis, considering they broke a Zero halyard on the start and only passed us in Bream Bay when we could no longer see the other big multis.


I took a couple of photos of Apache as I liked her mooring setup but they show what a slim, light boat she must be.



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"loads on these multis are immense"


wider tris generally have an even greater struggle to manage invisible gusts


than their skinnier brethren -  cats


not really related


but beau geste's mod70 twin was here very well rigged


up to a point....


almost, some would say, DID, kill the class


something to do with being unable to blow an overloaded traveller?



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Crikey Erice that convoluted spaghetti you script as posts beggars belief.

Try expressing your opinions in a format that most can decipher and maybe someone will actually be interested.

Ok so you are special needs well enjoy it but give us a break.

I know it’s a complicated world but that doesn’t mean you have a free pass to add to its complexities.

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