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Let’s talk about toast

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Okay - what are people using / recommending for making toast on board? We’ve got one of those Dixon camp type things with the gauze grill inside that you put over the oven top flame. Mostly results in warm bread with burnt edges. Are there better options? For those with inverters are there low wattage ones available?

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1 hour ago, Vivaldi said:

Mostly results in warm bread with burnt edges.

Turn the burner down low, rotate the bread as it toasts.

One of the old "flap" electric toasters is probably worth checking out b/c they only have one element and so presumably draw half the current than a slot toaster.



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As far as inverters go, a piece of toast will take a certain amount of energy to toast. It won’t matter if you have a 500w toaster or a 1000w, it’ll just change the amount of time required, with perhaps some difference to depth of toasted-ness. Same as a jug element for boiling water. The only way to save power would be to use white bread, not Vogel’s. 
I’d stick with gas for toasting. 

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The best one i havent seen for years, its a flat square pressed metal base with large holed wire mesh over the top, it holds the bread about 10mm from the metal base. Designed for Tip Top white and works perfect! The other kinds above are not as good but you might get more pieces done at once.

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