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Herne bay anchorage

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By the moorings, and inside of the little island?  A cat sometimes anchors out by the end of the new poo outflow.

As a nearby resident I would observe that the tide and wind can have strange effects on the moored yachts i.e. side on to the wind, stern to wind etc.  So you would probably not want to stay there too long.  Having said that there seems to be a liveaboard at the easetrn end of the moorings.

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Hey, thank you for the imput.

I suspected the curent would have been a bit of an issue. 

Had something similar up in Houhora and it wasn't pleasant.

On the other hand I could deal with sone choppers🙃.


I am gonna have a go if the weather is reasonably settled.



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Ok, finally I can report on Herne bay as an anchorage.....

Not that great, tidal, breezy and lots of wake...I rather keep it at this...

I also tryed to stay the night in front of the Devonport yacht club.....ha! even after two days at sea, it was kind of unbearable...bouncy and busy. The country boy in me was rather overwelmed😄

All in all, it s very hard to stay around akl.

Surely nothing new to most here so, probably this post is of not much use really...

I enjoyed Kawau and waiheke though and the sailing from and to the Boi was pretty special.


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2 hours ago, waikiore said:

Okahu bay is now stripped of moorings so not a bad city side spot 

I believe there is no anchoring in Okahu bay due to the re seeding mussel programme ,quick search confirms.

The area where the mussels are located in Okahu Bay are marked with orange inflatable marks. Based on this, there is to be absolutely no anchoring in this area, as doing so will damage the work that has been done to get the mussels in position.21/12/2021


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