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Engine/Sound insulation

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Needing to replace a sheet of insulation under my engine box lid which is crumbly and horrible.

Is there a go-to product people would recommend for this? 

I see burnsco have this - don't know if anyone has tried it out?


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From many, many years in the industry I can say one thing for certain... the performance of a sound dampening material is proportional to the weight of the material... the heavier the better the performance, and usually the higher the cost.

There are also a couple of other areas to look at....

1) Air intake noise... a good intake filter will dampen much intake and turbo noise.

2) if there are flat metal surfaces in the machinery space like the top of a fuel tank that are above the fuel level... consider adding a little stick on accoustic dampening material... this can also make a huge noise reduction...  


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I also have to do this job, the cork insulation layer is now brittle and crumbling. Not a problem, I just love contorting myself into interesting shapes to get the stuff  out - not!

However, looking up sound insulation is REALLY confusing. There are so many different types around, how do you choose the best for the job? I suppose that I'm going to go with 'you get what you pay for', and not to get a cheap version, but- the not cheap versions seem to range from 130 to as much as $500 per square meter.

Does it make a difference,or do I just match the thickness and appearance of the old stuff??


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I found the same, however it turned out not too hard to make a decision in the end.

Vybar sounded good, but found sopac so hard to deal with that I gave up.

Foreman insulation have been bought by flectures and seem geared up to sell house lots of batts but couldn't figure out how to sell me 1 sheet of marine insulation.

Had poor feedback/reviews on the burnsco product. 

 Had a quick look into the dynamat suggested above. it seemed that for marine engine bay installations you should use two of their products laid over each other, which seemed more complex to install and more expensive. 

Which really only left vetus from lusty & blundell/marine deals. Looked similar to what i had in the past, had good reviews, and a couple of options on where to buy (with it in stock).  So that's what I bought. Ended up with 35mm promech. Was easy to install (on my simple, flat surfaced installation), and seems to work well. Was about $150 for a 600x1m sheet.



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