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Game changer: ipad 14 sos

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1 hour ago, k88 said:

Could be a safety game changer as ipad 14 satellite sos is available in NZ and Aus from today. Apparently service is free for first 2 years, not sure how much an iphone 14 cost (Android user), no brainer if u already got one:





A new iPhone retails for $1,400. There are various plans with One.nz that mean you can get a new phone for less outlay, but still pay through the nose over the term of the contract.

I think the big breakthrough is One.nz having access to Starlink to allow satellite comms on their network when outside of coverage. I'm not aware of any other phones having that capability just yet, but it is Starlink that is enabling it. A couple of the other mobile network companies are indicating they will have the same tech and functionality soon.

Given the cost and durability of a PLB at $450-$500, I don't see how a fancy phone can beat a PLB. But for remote comms, there is def benefits in having satellite enabled phones. I wouldn't want to get salt water on my phone, but I regularly take my PLB windfoiling, and leave it in the leg pocket of my oilskins when on the boat. If you could get a dry bag the touch screen would work through, then you could text from the iPhone when in the sh*t, otherwise I think the phone would die before you would in a number of situations.

Helpful, but not a game changer. I wont be rushing out to get one.

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Doesn’t seem like you will need a fancy phone to use the  voLTE network ? iPhone 6 onwards are compatible as long as it has the latest OS . 

it’s a long way off though , SMS only by the end of 2024 and data not available until sometime in 2025 . It will simplify things on board I guess if you want internet . No need for gadgets and gizmos with antennas .

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Existing phones will work on the One.NZ SpaceX service when it launches. No need to upgrade unless you're rocking a really old phone. 

111 will come first for all Phones on any network. TXT will come next. Followed by voice and then eventually data.  It won't be data like you're used to.

You won't be streaming Netflix, but downloading a GRIB file or sending an email will be reality. 

SpaceX needs to launch another several thousand satellites to obtain the necessary coverage. 

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sounds good, and certainly a selling point for Iphones. BUT...how many of us ever go outside cell coverage around NZ these  days. I looked up the coverage  of the major networks, and they certainly go a fair distance offshore- $1400 seems a  lot to pay for rare occurrences. EPIRBs work everywhere for those  odd trips.

Of course, if you are an offshore sailor... go for it.

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It's not a replacement for a PLB/EPIRB.  And for that matter a PLB/EPIRB isn't a replacement for this service.

Rather they are both complementary technologies.

The SpaceX SOS function allows you to communicate with emergency services.  You can tell them how many people in your party, the exact nature of your emergency and other pertinent facts.  The message can also be sent to other contacts designated as emergency contacts.



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