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Fiji Navy problems

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56 minutes ago, SloopJohnB said:

It looks like he is using a lead line.

An accurate way of establishing the depth and profile of the reef you are on, to assist in formulating a plan to get off. Maybe if half the ship is afloat you could shift all the weight forward to lift the stern off and float free. Simple to check with a lead line.

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I've been in and out of that pass a dozen times perhaps, it's pretty straightforward,  Looks like the bommie on the outer western side.  We were part of a group swimming and diving the pass a few years ago, some of the guys were resting, standing on that outcrop.A superyacht arrived intending to go in, blew their horn at them to get out of the way.ah, um, we're standing on something very hard...

He eventually caught on and did a circle for another go. As he went past and into the pass, several people called out the Fulaga mantra.. stay in the centre and at the end hang close to the rock( on the inner side of the pass)... the numpty went straight ahead and grounded on the cabbage coral. He managed to get off by hauling out his Genoa and heeling the boat,  must have carved up his paint though.

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1 hour ago, eruptn said:

Delivered in March 2024, and pranged on it's first operational patrol.

As the article said, Fiji are working to manage an embarrassing situation.

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