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Yet another Trimaran build

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I'm getting to the point where I need to register the boat, for that I need a name. I've been waiting two years for inspiration to strike on that front and it still hasn't - any suggestions for what to call her?

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As in the other thread with Toles, I like the name "Squid Vicious" but have never been in a position to use it. Someone had the suggestion of buying Best Bets because its loaded with potential boat names ........ could be worth trying.

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Thanks Guys - some great stuff in there. I think I'll definitely call the design a "Mestizo 8.5" rather than a "Mongrel 8.5". Sounds way better.


For the name; Tritanic has some legs - my son is obsessed with the Titanic (and disasters in general, like most 7 year old boys) so it gets his vote - it's silly of course, and it would be nice to have something non-disaster related as I could be tempting fate with it. I can procrastinate a few more weeks anyway....


Thanks again.

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