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Expressions of interest: Fineline (Modified Young 11)

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Once the Wednesday night racing is over Fineline is going to be getting a few tidy up jobs done before going on the market. I thought I would start spreading the word just in case anyone is looking for a new boat before the winter series starts.


For those of you that don't know Fineline the important info is:


Jim Young designed 11m hull built in strip plank cedar and GRP hull

-Murray Ross designed T-keel 2.6m draft (re-faired by Gary Patten (fng) in 2012)

-Carbon rudder (rebuilt and refaired by Gary Patten (fng) in 2010)

-2.2m carbon prod

-4.4m carbon kite pole


Carbon mast and all new standing and running rigging in 2011

-Designed by Chris Mitchell

-Built by Grant Jenkins (Kiwi Rigging)


-New nexus instruments in 2010 including NX2 server for data download

-New Northstar chart plotter in 2010 with chart card

-New Beta Marine 25hp engine in 2010 with only 145hrs on it

-4x50L water bladers with pressure pump, califont and cockpit shower

-Squabs recovered in macro-suede are in mint condition for cruising


Massive sail wardrobe including:

-Doyle Stratis race main (2011)

-Doyle Stratis #1 (2010)

-Rick Royden #2

-Rick Royden 105%

-Doyle Stratis #3 (2011)

-3x masthead gennikers (A2, A3, reacher) (150m2 Doyles A2 new in 2012)

-2x fractional gennikers (A5, all-purpose) (A5 is Doyles Code Zero cloth and new in 2011)

-2x masthead spinnakers

-2x fractional spinnakers

-Jib top

-Cruising main

-Storm jib



Price by negotiation and it will vary depending on how much Cat-3 gear you want with the boat and how many tidy up jobs get done but as a guide it will be more than a standard Y11 and less than a E1050.


If you're interested in a fast fun 11m boat which is capable of winning line honours in B-division but with a few cruising comforts than get in touch.



Hamish Archer


021 2228581

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Although we are devasted about the news..... :cry:



And with all the yelling, we still wish to have Hamish as our skipper.... :crazy: :P



But reality hits.... :wtf:





He forgot to mention that the boat comes FULLY CREWED!!! :thumbup: SURPRISE!!! :clap:



:lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

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Be careful what you wish for Scubash, I heard Knot Me wanted to move into an altogether higher class of boat


He's also looking for better crew for his single handed racing as well. :lol:

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So what's next , Satelite Spy?


I'm thinking something that requires less crew rather than more. My current lot are too high maintenance :lol:


I hope to be as elusive as AA when it comes to my next project!

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The interior has had a bit of a tidy up and the squabs back on the boat for the first time in a long time so Fineline is now on the market. Get in quick before I change my mind $155k and she's yours.











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...and a few sailing pics. First pic courtesy of AC.


Yeah he flew up there by waving his arms :-)


Its amazing that he could hold the camera still and flap his arms at the same time!

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