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Roger me silly. The price of 'some' marine parts in NZ

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I’ve spent the last few weeks sourcing parts on behalf of my mechanic who is about to start the engine rebuild on my boat – little 30hp connected to a sail-drive


Sourced 3 quotes on a number of big-ticket OEM parts that we’ll need for the rebuild, one from the local NZ rep. Outcome - the offshore suppliers were 50% - 30% the price of locally sourced, and we are talking several thousands of dollars difference including freight, gst etc


Now I don’t mind spending a bit more on NZ services, if there is value, but in this instance the slim value add (if any) that the local firm can offer is far, far outweighed by the exorbitant price difference.


And before someone chimes in with the “Support the NZ marine industry” mantra, I spend 5 figures plus each year on the NZ marine industry and every dollar I save, is another dollar I can spend, hopefully locally.


The old school ways of doing business are changing rapidly, yet some retailers seem very slow to adapt and risk alienating their local support base.

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I have to agree. I have just replaced 3 Oxy sensors on my car. In NZ, cheapest I could find was $215 each. I bought them out of the UK for $50 kiwi each, and it cost $18 to get them delivered.... I never buy car parts in NZ now unless I have to have the part right then.

The world is changing, yet in the marine industry I'm still struggling with suppliers who want a regional distributor, then a dealer, and they all want to add a fairly high %.....

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It's not just the marine industry.


I seem to recall local clothing retailers bleating recently about losing sales to online businesses located offshore, and wanting to (their words) "punish" consumers for shopping online.

Fact is, even allowing for GST and a reasonable mark up, online is still cheaper, but more importantly BETTER.

The deal-breaker for us though is the absolutely crap stock. My better half has all but given up even attempting to buy clothes locally - unless you want day-glo colours, and/or are under 25, or a size 12 - forget it.


When it comes to chandleries, I make a point of checking to see if the local guy has the necessary before looking further afield, because he's a decent human being, maintains a supply of obscure stainless screws and bolts, and in general provides a service.


I think the idea of simply "reselling" and doing absolutely nothing else except adding a markup, has had its day.

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And the opposite is also true. I got new carbon boom out of NZ as it was considerably and I mean considerably cheaper than getting one here in Oz.


It was not that much more than I was quoted fhere for an ally' boom ..... hmmmmm carbon ally, carbon won. And when compared to an ozzie carbon boom, welll say now more.


In fact we now buy all our carbon sections (for various boats) out of NZ, better service and better pricing with same if not better quality.


Have also sourced hatches etc ex NZ for same reasons


Guess it is all about swings and merry go-rounds, win some lose some.

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Yes, true. But what I think is that dealerships will become a thing of the past. Because communications and transport have got so much better, people can buy from manufacturers, or, if the manufacturer does not want that, then an online store...

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local suppliers always say..


the XYZ is expensive due to Freight :wtf:


If i can order one item (AS OPPOSED TO THEIR CONTAINER LOAD) cheaper than them, then what a croc of crap.


the real reason for expensive prices are ...


1. Greedy margins


2. High renta costsl.


3, high wages


4. compliance costs

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Cruising off shore we order a lot of gear on-line. This has carried over to NZ although we try to support the local industry where we can. Ordered an Aerogen 6 and had it delivered in 1 week from UK at $1500 including customs duty and postage. NZ importer quoted $3000 and a three month delivery date. No wonder you look elsewhere.


I do like the local chandler for 'stuff' to handle and look through when trying to solve a problem or issue. Can't beat feeling the width.

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Auto parts as well...


4 x OEM brake rotors and standard brake pads ex NZ Distributor NZ $4200 PLUS GST


4 x OEM brake rotors and higher spec pads ex the US was NZ $1,100 INCL Duty and GST and freight....5 day delivery.


So how many suckers paid the 3.5k extra? Heaps.


Moral of the story is shop around.

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A pool cleaner made in US NZ equiv price 570 incl gst.Australian price a bit less. NZ price 1250. Hose for same 29/m equivalent elsewhere 19. Plastic pipe 17 m, cost 30 for 6m.

Technician 75/hr plus gst.

Tiler 90 +gst /m2.

There seems to be a sense of entitlement to quite a decent income based on limited skills.

A small and fairly uncompetitive market perhaps but it certainly pays to shop around.

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A good example of this NZ profiteering became apparant to me when I went looking for 2 double finger clutch units (Lewmar).


I bought two from West Marine in the USA, and had them on my door (shipping, exchange, duty and GST) for 25% less than the price of ONE at a NZ distributor.


That's what, 125% mark-up?


Retailers struggling with online purchasing? Ya think?


I put it down to small turnover. Retailers have to pay all of their bills on a tiny volume of sales. I don't think that labour is any cheaper in Canada than it is here, nor do I think commercial rental in Vancouver is any different from Auckland.


I would never order basics like sealant and fasteners from overseas, just not worth the trouble. I sign on to Google when things get to $100.

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