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  1. Race Report. Shimmer. Best Ssanz ever for Shimmer (not hard as this is our first season) perhaps the opposite experience to Deep Purple we are racing my family caravan a 1980 timber Townson 34. She loved the beat to coromandel and took the big steep seas like a thoroughbred. I love the wide variety of designs racing and how each has their day depending on conditions. Big thank you to the Ssanz team for not changing the course and for all the hard work they do to organise the race and keep everyone safe. Can’t wait for the 50!
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  2. Race report - Deep Purple Tough day at the office. North easterly of 25/35 knots, extremely rough and first mark 25 miles to windward was always going to be tough for a 25' 600kg traileryacht in a fleet of 30/50' keelers. The small boat division, most of which are bigger than us were given the short inshore course as conditions were unsafe for them But if you don't start you are excluded from the series so out we go. Almost half the fleet didn't start or didn't finish but we kept going at times going sideways more than forward. Oh for a #3 jib and second reef. We rounded Gannet Rock a di
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  3. Tomorrow evening the Westhaven Marina Users Association is holding it's AGM. With recent developments and another one that popped up Thursday night that all contribute to making life harder for berth holders and marine related users of the area the meeting could be a goodie and may feature some fireworks if anyone from Panuku has the balls to turn up. 6pm in the Ponsonby Cruising Club Voting in 6 weeks will change absolutely nothing, voting in the council elections changed nothing, getting off your arse and turning up to meetings like this does.
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  4. Move out of Auckland man ! Problems solved
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  5. What is it about people who Beth at Westhaven? HMB, WestPark, orakei and Bayswater Al charge about the same, have less parking and less facilities plus are much further away from decent links yet there are no threads on here moaning and complaining about them. What do they do better, despite having less facilities and changing the same money?
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