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  1. The pakiri sand sucker could be repurposed for weed hoovering
  2. Hopefully they will sell more brands Of wet weather gear not just Gill . And hopefully the trade accounts don’t get binned !
  3. Now write us a short story on how to finance a pogo 36 for beginners
  4. I think maybe that the people who have the sway in Auckland are wealthy enough that these issues don’t affect their yachting ? I suspect that people who could sway the swayers or make a noise about the lack of swaying make and supply stuff for the swayers boats or sail with them . The pointy end of the Auckland fleet is full of captains of industry who as a collective could hold a lot of sway …if they wanted to
  5. Ironic that people with boats like the top one but bigger buy hardstands and close them .
  6. It’s not really an invasive species though ? No more than yellow/bluefin tuna , mahi mahi , sunfish , wahoo and the odd tiger shark that come down on the warm currents . the other buggers you have mentioned are “invasive” and more than likely hitched a lift in ballast water and on hulls
  7. great swimming there ….
  8. It was the first “storm warning” I’ve seen issued in the marine forecast by metservice for this area . That was for colville to bream head , 40-50 knots gusting 60 and 50-60 gusting 70 at colville
  9. Check the thread BP wrote about it , very enlightening
  10. At what point do you hop out of the car and get into the dinghy to start rowing ? And what system are you using to keep water out of the intake manifold
  11. Good point . I’m guessing they are keeping northland rate paying boaties in the loop first cause that’s who’s paying the bills
  12. Yeah I wonder if Russell , waitangi , opua and Kerikeri clubs received that communique too ?
  13. Can you provide me a link to the notification ? Cant find anything on their site
  14. Thanks Steve I will make sure it gets onto WCC Facebook and hopefully email list
  15. I doubt Parker will set themselves up to fail so here’s hoping .
  16. Our bow guy just loves the masthead gennaker , they are inseparable .
  17. Cheers Huey ! Interesting reading . I’ve always thought of the solo trans Tasman as a race for the slightly crazy sailor
  18. Ex Machina

    Ross 35

    Just found a small mention of it but couldn’t copy it . It was leading the race and was called Mimi , year was 1989 apparently they were using “satnav” when they went aground
  19. Ex Machina

    Ross 35

    Yep you are right . Counting backwards it works out to late 84 …I think
  20. Ex Machina

    Ross 35

    You’ve got a bloody good remember ! That must’ve been 1986-7 ?
  21. Ex Machina

    Ross 35

    That’s a shame , was it in the pac cup or transpac at the time ? . I think it was built for a kiwi in San Fran ? I distinctly remember seeing some photos of the “sea trial” which was a cruising holiday . My school mate took some photos of Bruce on the helm coming back from BOI , big grin on his face with the Dinghy out the back just about airborne going down the face of a bloody decent swell . They had a good north east breeze and hooned down the coast back to Auckland
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