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  1. I have surfed nearby at great exhibition bay and north side of Nth Cape . Did the crown prosecutors bother sending someone out there during a swell to see what the wave behaviour is and where it breaks ? The chart shows a possible good big wave break there so I hunted for some pics and found these. Swell is less than 1M by my reckoning . I’ve not experienced a rogue wave but definitely rogue “sets” of waves one is always bigger and usually the 2nd or 3rd in a 3-4 wave set .
  2. Fervently hoping one or more inspectors stay on in northland for raceboat inspections , hell any of the regions outside of Auckland for that matter .
  3. Ex Machina


    Do they ever use air freight for the boats ? Queenstown would be a stunning spot if they can get the circus there on budget
  4. Ex Machina


    Manakau harbour with the finish line at Mangere bridge/Onehunga wharf . No dolphins or ferries or even muppets on the water . Might need some dredging though
  5. sh*t ! No more telly on watch
  6. I assume you saw this ?
  7. Same , very happy with it .
  8. What loo do you have ? I’m relieved we aren’t the only freaks out there with a composter 😂
  9. Get two and paint em black .
  10. Was that formerly Unitec , 8.5 ?
  11. Ironically that’s probably where the bad fuel came from …might be a rort 😂
  12. triangulating the wind between your ears and your nose is pretty cheap
  13. Yes for gennakers they are a mare when they go wrong . It cannot be unclustered on the boat usually .
  14. I can understand the locals who don’t rely on Auckland boats for a livelihood getting atagonistic and they are probably a majority . Your summer cruising plans being curtailed probably have as much importance to them as a new motorway connection in dannevirke . I mean did you give a fig about surf tours plan the young bloke had who parked his IACC boat on your local reef ? From what I read were way more concerned about your reef , sounds like you spoke to the media about it too . And that’s fine I would be more concerned about my neighbourhood reef as well . The east side of barrier
  15. For a start viaduct harbour management can email relevant info to the skippers . Customs can inform them when they clear in which must be happening anyway ? Whichever govt agency is ultimately in charge of the situation can ask the plotter software developers to include restricted anchorage warnings on NZ charts . Something along the lines of the big red warning you get if you go over 5 knots in a speed restricted zone .
  16. I used to surf there a bit . It moves heaps , you should be ok draft wise but swing room is limited . Bottom is sand and shells unless you go up creek to the mangroves . Wellington or Whangaumu Bay outside the entrance is a reasonable north sheltered anchorage if there’s no swell .
  17. f*ck that’s cool ! Bad taste in trawlers but got a beaut sea kayak and gentleman’s rowing skiff
  18. I have a vague recollection of the moonrakers also being sold as bonitos ? So possibly a Keith Eade design
  19. I thought anything that size would run centrifuges for bug and water removal ?
  20. Maybe a 3rd division for full crew would attract a few more boats ? . Lethargy seems to be in abundance , fleets are slowly shrinking year on year , triple series seems to be the exception though .
  21. Try the marina shop , 35 year old boat very few questions asked , insured offshore by a UK company ….but we do have EWOF and gas cert plus supplied them with a rig check report and survey . They may ask few questions and happily take your payments but I suspect they will thoroughly examine any mishaps and local regs if you make a major claim .
  22. Nice simple summary of Lifepo4 install . https://svviolethour.com/2023/10/23/lithium-battery-system-install-on-our-sailboat/
  23. Feck that would be premium , enter the coastal and not have to sail the damn thing
  24. Usually for the faceplate but I guess you could use it in the housing too
  25. Good tip I found on SBW forums is squirt dishwashing liquid into the impeller housing when fitting a new Impeller . Protects it from the dry start up after changeover .
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