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  1. I’ve got a Uniden budget yellow job that does all of the above , I think ? critereia is it meets Cat3 and we use it for listening to race comms during starts . Range is woeful though we couldn’t raise a boat in a recent race that was only 5 miles away on 5W setting …wouldn’t recommend it in an emergency situation unless it’s for close range .
  2. Still it makes me wonder what NZs back up comms are with the outside world are if any ? SSB is a wonderful if archaic way of communicating long distance …and an aerial is much easier to repair than and undersea cable .
  3. Slightly off topic but I’m a bit perplexed at the loss of comms with Tonga. Sure the under sea cable is broke but surely they have SSB back up comms in the military and sat Phones ?
  4. Kind of makes sense in respect to teenage drivers …have you ever had success telling a teenager to stop doing something
  5. sh*t that’s unbelievable and believable . What are the discharge regs in the sounds ? You should post the picture here too
  6. Yeah it’s the sea state that might get scary . These types of close to shore generated swells can have a very short but intense peak height period of just few hours . The prediction for this one is 6-7 metres E-SE which would stand up beautifully/horribly in the Colville channel in an outgoing tide and probably a metre or two higher than forecast
  7. That chart shows the topography perfectly . The outside half of the point is a bigger but softer wave and the inside bit in by the shore is smaller but a steeper fun wave . We used to launch the boat at torpedo bay because the exposed ramps are out of the question when that place is breaking . there are a few quality breaks on the mahurangi islands and mainland too , Scotts landing is the best place to launch from . A JetSki would make island surfing very accessible
  8. Used to surf motutapu in the 90s . The very long reef with a wee island on the end between administration bay and the boulder bay that is between rangi and motutap . Very long right handers and will be pretty darn good on Sunday and Monday with some south in the wind
  9. Bloody finicky things , always had issues with mine and it went in the bin . Always had to reboot and reset all manner things to get it going again
  10. Stunning photo ! rainband and easterly is just hitting Whangarei heads/Tutukaka now …not a lot of breeze in it though , maybe 10 knots
  11. I was wondering who the keen. bugger was heading south last night just on dark
  12. Well I’m sure there’s many things at the warehouse for 12 bucks that would cure a noisy genset
  13. 12 bucks a packet at the warehouse
  14. The screen on mine is proud of the LCD and looks to be a seperate super thin piece of acrylic or similar ?
  15. I’ve got similar crazing on my speed/depth screen and was thinking about trying to find a piece of suitable plastic and making a new one . must be a suitable material out there ?
  16. Play it safe and wait for a glamour day/s I reckon . My wife was very timid for the first 6 months of owning our first boat . she would aching muscles from tensing up when the boat heeled more than 10 degrees . I have had some of my best boat surfs between Whangaparoa and kawau when there was no swell in the forecast . The chop in that area can get really nasty in a solid SW breeze . we discovered by accident that racing was the best way for her to overcome her fear of the boat heeling . A busy boat with a public audience and giving her a job to do really calmed things down . She woul
  17. There’s one one trademe right now with a 10.5 luff . It’s an Ex skiff sail
  18. Addiction to waves caused me to get lost , hungry and outcast from my pod more than a few times
  19. I’ve seen plenty heading north . Last week it was 99% sailing vessels , this week it’s been 50/50 sailing , power vessels
  20. Na , Hayden Paddon and Hyundai would be better
  21. I think zozza is sailing …I can see a junk rigged production boat heading north off taiharuru …mainsail looks like an evolution or black IQ
  22. They work very well on rats not so good on possums , hoping to try rat trap with Mustelid bait this summer . have caught 3 rats in one trap in one night , the buggers were living in my digger . you can save money on bait by buying a top up pouch rather than putting a new preloaded puffball thing in each time .
  23. Yeah it will look like the poker run out there
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