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  1. Then there’s insurance ….
  2. Ex Machina


    Yep got it below the waterline on a trailer yacht . It’s apprently 12 years old and still looks like new . Also have it in black on the gennaker prod and on the rudder too . I didn’t apply it myself I have a clever mate that’s good at that sort of thing , he has a trick of mixing fairing compound into the primer coats so it works as a highbuild . 2 years out in the weather and the prod still looks like new .
  3. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/el-nino-incoming-nzs-climate-to-take-rapid-turn-within-weeks/XQ7ZEZVPEFA3LMWRWRNVWZ6KZY/
  4. Yeah sorry It was the 13hp engine and it’s still pop popping
  5. This topic reminds me of the time we nearly ended up on the rock wall behind the squadron inside the marina ….Y11 with an 18hp and 30 knot SW .
  6. I got lambasted on SA by a Texan boatbuilder for using the term pushpit . Apparently they called it the aft pulpit/aft safety rail or some other things. He really hurt my feelings
  7. Uk sails Whangarei was in Christchurch doing clears last week for that cat that came out of Davie Norris shed recently . Shame you hadn’t tee’d up with them being in town .
  8. Used Jamie Newcombe twice earlier this year , very good .
  9. Had a similar dilemma to you . We have a big blended family of 8 with 3 daughters. Started out Looking at kiwi boats but the standard open quarter berth arrangement doesn’t cut the mustard in the privacy department nor does the one shower , one loo right next to the v berth . Went to counselling and got over the hump of only looking at kiwi boats and started looking at French boats , old ones . Wanted around 40 but needed up with probably the oldest bene 50 in nz . It checked out sound but needed a new gearbox , put a new one in myself over 6 weeks and found plenty of other small thing
  10. Yeah Norwoods . Same engine is in kubota tractors and hitachi mini diggers
  11. Yep 1982 , originally called counterpoint .
  12. I know an older chap who had the first one , think it’s now rocky ? I will ask him when it was built/designed
  13. Wish I hadn’t wasted money buying a boat
  14. I hotspot iPhone to iPad on the boat and it works fine even for Netflix and YouTube .
  15. Any idea why V5 didn’t do the transpac this year ?
  16. This one takes the cake . Dunno if we will see this calibre of small boat designed and built in nz again
  17. f*ck that’s awesome ! Never seen that one or any of ragtime . I reckon that’s the most iconic NZ boat , still hauls ass after nearly 60 years
  18. Backstay got a major crank just before so maybe too much so ?
  19. One of my all time favourites bit of a slow burner but the tension ratchets up towards the end . The carnage further back in the fleet is worth keeping an eye on , flares going off and insane wipeouts etc .
  20. Ex Machina


    Highlight for me was spotting a kiwi boat in the spectator fleet .
  21. Historical artefact ?
  22. Anyone know what’s happening with the E7s when the new ones arrive ? Asking for a friend . It would be unfortunate if they end up in Aussie where they already have a heap of them .
  23. the market has spoken , Div B boats are hitting the market with frightening regularity
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