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  1. bet you are a load of fun at a party..
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  2. A promising start. The border is not 100% secure to Covid in the same way that our border is not 100% secure to anything. This is why the testing takes place at entry and in MIQ. Testing prior to entry would require a secure post-test accommodation. Testing at early infection is nowhere near 100% reliable, so the reality is you would need 2 tests, about three days apart prior to boarding to be around 95% certain (but not 100%) that the traveller was not positive. Good luck managing that in ports outside your own country. Of course, if MIQ was the one and only me
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  3. Deep Purple

    Summer plans?

    Hanging around Whitianga and the Mercs. Mostly in our Tristram "Alfresco" some sailing in deep purple for bay week practice bit of flying rainy day jobs are to pull the engine out of the Morgan to replace a $200 wearable part. Very British problem. displaying our Christmas stuff till New Years then packing it up feelers And elemnope at the coroglen New Years eve merry Christmas everyone
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  4. MuzzaB

    NZ37; Scot Tempesta video

    Part of it is realizing that many of us are now also a little "antique". Sometimes it comes as a shock. Because I started keelboat racing as a young nipper on the foredeck from both ends of the harbour, I raced against Namu and some other EnZed Thirty-Sevens (I'm not totally American) when they were still relatively young (excuse the pun). Nemesis and Notre Dame were active at the city end, and Amber at Bucklands Beach. Several others here on Crew did the same (as already noted). Many of the boats of that era which were competive at Richmond, Squadron, Akarana, Bucklands Beach an othe
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  5. Well, to be blunt, if you aren't happy about it, piss off back to where you came from. When you come to a country, you need to respect our rules and values. This isn't Merica, our government actually works, buy and large. We've been as tactful and diplomatic as possible here, but seriously, if you are going to complain about being put up in comfortable accommodation, you need to get a grip. How long are you planning on staying in NZ for? and how did you get let in, if you aren't a citizen or resident?
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